So, what is Faceball?

At its simplest level Faceball involves two people hitting beachballs at each other’s faces. At a deeper level it’s a vehicle for the release of personal animosity, and the Shaming of the Weak.

How do I play Faceball?

That’s easiest to explain using a video, so, here’s a video:

Introduction to Faceball

Faceball Promo

Faceball, a documentary

What if I forget how to play Faceball once I leave this web site?

If you print out our guide, "A Faceball Primer for the Memory Deficient", you won’t have that problem. It contains a list of rules and the equipment you’ll need to play, as well as a handy scoring chart.

How do I know this is a real game?

It must be real. Faceball comes to you from The House of Flickr, and its chief proponents are the alarmingly attractive duo of John Allspaw and Dunstan Orchard.

Further proof of its realness can be found in these images of rampant, sweaty athletes, reveling in the joy that is 1-on-1 Faceball competition:


My loins are damp with excitement. How do I become part of the rapidly growing Faceball community?

If you’re a photographer you can post your Faceball photos to Flickr.

Tag them "faceball" and submit them to the Faceball Group for maximum exposure.

If you're a videographer, you can post your Faceball videos to Vimeo. Tag them "faceball" then click the "Flickr" button to post an image of your Vimeo clip to Flickr.

If you want to buy the pink and blue beachballs (the official balls of Faceball) it is believed that they can be purchased here.