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Adriana Cohen


It’s rare for journalists like Adriana Cohen to become famous, but she has, and she’s relishing in the glory of her accomplishments. As a journalist, she is a columnist, radio host, pundit, and television personality who has utilised her extensive expertise and knowledge to make a significant influence on her readers and listeners. Currently, she works as a freelance journalist for the Boston Herald. Since she began her career, she has penned hundreds of pieces on a wide range of issues, many of which have been on the cover of famous publications. That just goes to show how highly her work is valued by the media.

With the media industry, she has dominated with her honest and candid updates on the world’s current happenings, especially in regards to politics in the United States. She doesn’t hide anything, which is why she has such a large following across all of her many social media platforms. Beyond her provocative interpretations of events, there is plenty to learn about her personal life, and we’ve compiled all the information you’ll need to get to know her better right here.

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The Life Story of Adriana Cohen

For reasons that are only known to her, Adriana Cohen has chosen to keep the details of her childhood private. However, it appears that she is an American citizen and is based in Concord, Mass. Nobody knows anything about her early life or where she went to school in New Jersey for her bachelor’s degree in political science and government at Montclair State University. As part of her plan to pursue a career in journalism, Adriana Cohen attended L’Universite de Nice in France to learn French as a second language (University of Nice Sophia Antipolis).

When she finished college, a young Cohen set out on a path to achieving her goals and got multiple positions in the industry she was hoping to work in. However, she was thrust into the public eye in 2010 when she joined Senator Scott Brown’s campaign team as a senior finance committee member. She was credited with raising $42 million for the senator’s campaign, which went a great way in sustaining and advancing it.

By 2012, she had gone on to a new position with CBS radio, where she was the primary Republican political commentator. When she got the chance to cover the 2012 presidential debates, as well as Election Night, as well as the ‘Talk The Vote’ series for CBS, this was a wonderful opportunity. No matter how well her columns did in this publication, Adriana Cohen had higher ambitions and relocated to Boston the next year to work as a journalist for the Boston Herald.

As a result of her skill as a journalist, Adriana Cohen was able to launch her own radio show, “The Adriana Cohen Show,” which quickly became known for its honesty and accuracy. As a result of her show’s popularity, she began receiving requests from other hosts. Many additional shows are on the list, such as The O’Reilly Factor and Making Money with Charles Payne.

Adriana has covered the midterms, the 2016 US presidential election, gubernatorial, Senate, and mayoral campaigns since joining the Boston Herald in 2013. Since then, she’s had the opportunity to speak with a number of prominent leaders around the country, including President Trump himself. Adriana was asked to attend the White House’s Daily Press Briefing in February 2017.

His Wife and Children

Adriana Cohen has had a successful personal life as well as a successful career as a writer. When the political analyst wed a software developer in 1998, it was an unusual union. It is clear that the couple’s marriage has been going well, despite the fact that she has not released his name or any other details about their personal life. Two children have been born as a result of the relationship.

Adriana Cohen frequently posts images of her happy family on Instagram, where she has a large following. Since kids grow up so quickly, she is a strong proponent of spending as much time as possible with them and their loved ones. Teddy, the family’s black hairy dog, was featured on her Twitter feed in honour of National Pet Day.

Adriana Cohen

Amount Owed

Although the TV host and columnist’s wages haven’t been made public, it’s clear that she’s well-paid for all of her work. Despite the fact that her wealth has remained a mystery, she is clearly well-off given her position as one of journalism’s most prominent figures.

More Adriana Cohen Philanthropy Facts.

Adriana Cohen, despite her many responsibilities as a journalist, finds time to be philanthropic to the community, particularly through helping at a homeless shelter.

Appearances on Broadcast Media

Adriana Cohen has been on several news shows and morning shows as a columnist for the Boston Herald and political pundit. Fox and Friends (2014), Cavuto on Business (2014), Your World with Neil Cavuto (2014-2015), Low Dubbs Tonight (2016, FOX NEWS), FBN Risk & Reward, FBN Mornings, and many more are examples of these kind of programming.

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