After We Fell On Netflix: What Is The Story About and When Is It Premiering?

After We Fell


After We Fell is heading to Netflix, which is great news for fans of the genre. Netflix announced on December 14 that the show’s third film will be available for streaming on the site beginning January 17, 2022. After We Fell would only be available to watch in the U. S. for the time being.

In September, the film After We Fell, starring Josephine Langford and Hero Fiennes-Tiffin, was released in theatres worldwide. The movie has also been accessible on-demand from October. We couldn’t take the eyes of Hardin in the first parts; the same goes for Tessa. To her, the couple has got steamy yet sweet chemistry!

The Leads’ Journey After We Fell

The very first 2 instalments of the franchise, After and After We, Collided, are presently available to watch on Netflix. To put it another way, if you’ve had a Netflix account, arranging a full-fledged Following marathon at home in January would be easier than ever before — but Tessa and Hardin’s storey is far from over.

After Ever Happy, the fourth installment, which has already been announced, will be released soon. While no official release date has been set, many fans believe it will arrive in 2022, considering it was shot concurrently with the third feature.

After We Fell

The After Series

It’s still unclear whether After Ever Happy will be the series’s final chapter, but given the name, many fans believe it will. If that is indeed true, the After will not be over. We understand that Afterworld will continue to expand for some time. Two additional films, as well as a graphic novel miniseries, have already been announced.

What do We See in the Trailer?

Tessa is prepared to create a life-changing choice and relocate to Seattle in After We Fell, but then everything shifts around her while she attempts to take her entire life with her. As Tessa discovers surprising knowledge with her own family and, subsequently, Hardin’s family, it casts doubt on “all they believed before” and makes claiming their tough destiny together much more challenging.

The trailer also shows a scene of ice play! The couple keeps traveling along with the tom and jerry show but gets along well in the physical chemistry! Hardin being one tough guy makes it hard for Tessa; she is neither on the softer side. The couple makes adjustments and tries to keep their relationship together.

Who can You See Other than Tessa and Hardin?

The furious, passionate trailer focuses on Tessa and Hardin’s heated debate over whether or not they should both relocate to Seattle. The cast includes Josephine Langford, Hero Fiennes Tiffin, Kiana Madeira, and Stephen Moyer and is directed by Castille Landon. Several fans believed the third episode of this franchise would be the best when the trailer was originally published in Summer 2021.

While it garnered mixed reviews, many lovers of the books complimented After We Fell. We just can’t wait to watch Tessa and Hardin together, be it a fight between them or the blossoming romance! We can settle for anything!

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