Alex Hormozi Net Worth 2022: How Much Money can Fitness Entrepreneur Expect to Make?

Alex Hormozi


Fitness fanatic Alex Hormozi utilizes his interest to make income. He is a philanthropist, author, and businessman who launched Gym Launch. On top of that, he runs two successful businesses, including The Game podcast. Hormozi owes its 15 million dollar valuation to Alex’s mastery at monetization.


Alex Hormozi was fascinated by fitness and bodybuilding while he was a teen. When he got out of school, he was taken to a gym where he learned the basics of lifting weights and being healthy.

He obtained a Bachelor’s Degree in Corporate Strategy from Vanderbilt University in 2011. After a few years of consulting for government organizations, the young adult left.

Alex Hormozi, on the other hand, was dissatisfied with his place of employment. This led him to go across the nation to open up the first of six gyms he would eventually manage, thereby beginning his journey.

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The Opening of the Gym

To begin with, he found running fitness clubs to be quite a challenge. As his revenues grew steadily, he established a solid foundation for his business operations.

Several other gym owners got in touch with him during this period, curious about his strategy for competing in such a competitive sector with such a tiny profit margin. Gym Launch was born out of this need in 2017.

Alex Hormozi then launched a tour of gyms, working with owners to help them create long-term businesses. Gym Launched has taken care of over 2,000 facilities in less than two years, turning many gym owners into billionaires.

Ventures in other fields

After Gym Launch, Hormozi’s entrepreneurial career continued. He invested all of his earnings from his first firm, Prestige Labs, into a second company that would serve the same customers. Before branching out into a new product category, it began as a supplement company.

Prestige Labs introduced Done For You Meals (a.k.a. DFYM) in 2019. These are pre-packaged foods that have been certified by the USDA and are being sent directly to customers’ homes. A primary aim for Alex was to provide gym owners with all of the tools they needed to get the best outcomes possible.

Alex Hormozi

In 2020, he launched his third successful business. ALAN, a software firm, was established to assist conventional enterprises in making more money in the current era. A podcast called The Game w/ Alex Hormozi is also hosted by him, where he discusses the art of attracting clients and generating money.

A person’s total wealth

Too far, Alex has raked in over $100 million in revenue. As long as he keeps coming up with new concepts, his fortune should rise. To assist small and medium-sized business owners, the entrepreneur has recently turned to

An estimated $85 million is generated annually by his three successful companies. His podcast and two books, Gym Launch Secrets and $100M Offers, both of which have been published, have also generated income for him. Alex Hormozi has a net worth of $15 million due to this.

Experiencing Life on My Own

Leila Hormozi, Alex’s wife, has had a significant role in his career. In the early days of Gym Launch, they met, and soon after, they began dating. After helping Alex with his company for 13 months, she proposed to him, and the rest is history.

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