Alfred Ntombela Net Worth 2022: What is Ntombela’s wiki-Biographical Information like? What is Alfred’s age? Is he Married?

Alfred Ntombela Net Worth 2022: What is Ntombela’s wiki-Biographical Information like? What is Alfred’s age? Is he Married?


Alfred Ntombela is a seasoned South African actor best known for his comedic appearances in local films. He was born on April 3rd, 1972, in Johannesburg. He’s a gifted actor with a unique style.

An A-list actor in South Africa’s entertainment business, Alfred Ntombela has a long history of noteworthy on-screen performances.

The actor is well recognised for his appearance in the film Sweet ‘n Short, in which he had an exceptional performance. Besides Mama Jack, he also had an unforgettable role in a film by the same name.

A 28-year veteran of the South African film business, Alfred Ntombela is an icon in the industry.

A look at a few fascinating tidbits of information about this experienced actor.

Early Childhood and Schooling

When Alfred Ntombela, better known as Shorty, was born in 1972, the third of April was the date on which he was born. Vosloorus, Ekhurhuleni, and Gauteng, South Africa, were his birthplaces and formative years.

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The road to become the man he is now wasn’t an easy one for him because he had to overcome numerous obstacles as a youngster. In Alfred Ntombela’s telling, his parents divorced before he was born. Before she was separated from his father, his mother was a pregnant woman.

In Alfred Ntombela’s opinion, his mother fled because the guy she had a baby with was an albino. It was out of fear that she would be condemned by her own people.

After Alfred Ntombela was born, his mother left him in the care of her aunt for a short period of time. Her decision to raise him as her own was fortunate for him. It’s too bad he never got to meet his father.

Alfred Ntombela’s educational history is unknown at this time by As soon as we receive confirmation from our sources, we’ll post an update with further information on his educational background.

Life in the Private Sector

Ntombela, better known as Shorty, is married to a woman who goes by the name Promise Malatji and they have two children together.

Ntombela was the subject of a widespread rumour in 2017. It was commonly believed that he was killed in a horrific car crash. The rumour that Alfred Ntombela had died was disproved by his public denial of it.

His ex-fiancée was allegedly behind the slanderous rumour, which was taken to be true.


Alfred Ntombela has always aspired to be an actor; according to him, Ken Gampu is his favourite actor. He aspired to be like his role model as a child.

He made it clear that he aspired to emulate Ken Gampu’s style of play. Ken Gampu helped him land a position at Heyns Films in Halfway House thanks to some good fortune. A second chance arose for Alfred Ntombela later on, and Ken Gampu was able to assist him land his first big-screen part.

Years later, he became one of South Africa’s best-known comedy actors and acted in a number of local films. In Sweet ‘n Short, he made his feature picture debut and astonished the audience.

In South Africa, he and his family reside in a well-furnished home.

Alfred Ntombela

His current net worth comes from his work in the entertainment industry and the good life he’s leading. Alfred Ntombela, a well-known South African actor, has a net worth of around US$1.5 million.


  • Oh Shucks!
  • UNTAG (Kwagga Strikes Back) Is About to Arrive (1993)
  • Short and Sweet (1991)
  • As Themba Ndlovu, Alec comes to the rescue (1999)
  • Bones (2001) I’m Gatvol, and that’s a huge mistake. (2004)
  • Mama Jack in Shorty Dladla Costumes (2005)
  • In the sequel to Mr. Bones (2008)
  • The Survival Guide to South Africa by Schuks Tshabalala (2010)
  • Stupid Pranksters (2012)
  • Schuks! You are needed by your country (2013)

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