Alice Cooper Net Worth: American Singer Complete Biography!

Alice Cooper Net Worth: American Singer Complete Biography!


Alice Cooper is a multi-millionaire rock musician and singer from the United States. Alice Cooper grew up in Los Angeles after moving to the city from New York as a child. Rock subgenres such as hard rock and heavy metal are where he made his name. Glam rock, industrial rock, and a slew of other genres have all been a part of his career history.

As a result of his use of theatrical gadgets including guillotines, swords, and electric chairs, Cooper’s music has been dubbed “Shock-Rock.” The most noteworthy side project of Alice Cooper’s outside of music has been his work as an actor in film and television.

Life in the Earlier Years

Vincent Damon Furnier, the real-life name of Alice Cooper, was born on February 4th, 1948, in Detroit, Michigan. As a Detroit native, Furnier has always had an interest in the city’s issues because he hails from a pious family. His grandfather, an apostle in the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints, eventually climbed to the position of church president, as did his father, an evangelist.

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Vincent Furnier was an enthusiastic participant in religious activities as a young kid, but he was also frequently ill. As his family eventually settled in Phoenix, he attended Cortez High School, where he graduated in 2007 with the rest of his class.

Early in One Professional Life

During his high school years, Furnier made it clear that he wanted to be a successful musician. It was during the school talent show that several of his friends formed a fake Beatles band and performed Beatles songs well. Both Glen Buxton and Dennis Dunaway, who would later go on to establish Alice Cooper with each other, were members of the group.

The others emulated Buxton as they played their instruments, since only he could play the guitar. As a result of their enthusiastic reception from the crowd, they have been declared the winners of the talent competition. In the wake of hearing this, they decided to put together a real band.

Once they had changed their names and picked up instruments at the local pawn shop, the Spiders were born. In 1966, shortly after completing his high school education in the state of California, Michael Bruce joined the band as a guitarist. Before long, they had a success in their native country with the song “Don’t Blow Your Mind,” and they began to gain recognition throughout the globe. After a few years of regular visits to Los Angeles, the band decided to make the city their permanent home. At this point in the music’s history, a drummer called Neal Smith joined the band.

Alice Cooper Biography

To make the band stand out in 1968, Furnier designed a strategy. He proposed that they change the band’s name to “Alice Cooper” as part of a strategy to convert their live performances into dark theatrical shows. He recommended it since it contrasted with the band’s combative approach to performing, in addition to seeming naive.

To avoid other bands with the same name suing the band, Vincent Furnier changed his name to Alice Cooper in 1975. Finally, Alice Cooper’s character was reimagined as a female villain, replete with ripped clothing and smeared makeup. Just what Furnier wanted, the band gained a lot of attention and appeared frequently in the media — just what he had hoped for.

An Agreement for a Recording

Due to poor performance, Alice Cooper got her big break. Almost everyone in the crowd stormed out of the club as soon as they started performing. One of the few persons who made it out alive was Shep Gordon, a music manager. In recognition of the band’s promise, he set up an audition with Frank Zappa.

Alice Cooper

Zappa had recently started a new record company, and he was looking for new and exciting artists to join it. Zappa was impressed enough with Alice Cooper to sign them to a three-year deal. A few months after the event, Alice Cooper’s debut studio record, Pretties for You, was released. Despite its psychedelic flavour, the band’s first album, issued in 1969, was a critical and commercial failure….

For a brief time during this period, Alice Cooper refined their “Shock Rock” approach to live performances. Alice Cooper learned the significance of providing the media with even more ridiculous stories after a chicken incident sparked global media frenzy. To enhance Cooper’s band’s growing reputation, Frank Zappa encouraged the burgeoning rock star not to deny the rumours that he had consumed chicken blood on stage.

There were no breakthroughs, despite all of the attention that they received from the media. After the release of Easy Action, the band’s second studio album, their performance was noticeably worse than on their debut album. As a result, Alice Cooper and his band relocated from Los Angeles to Detroit, Michigan, where their shows were met with a more favourable reception.


Following a series of highly successful live performances, Alice Cooper released their third studio album in 1970. Every effort they put in paid off because this was their last chance at success. After their breakthrough single “I’m Eighteen” fared well on the charts, Warner Bros. bought their contract and re-released their album with an improved marketing budget, leading to even greater success.

Killer and School’s Out were released in 1971 and 1972, respectively. The album’s second single, “School’s Out,” was a smash hit and a lasting rock anthem. They released Billion Dollar Babies in 1973, which went platinum and became their most popular record. ‘No More Mr. Nice Guy’ was the album’s lead single. The band’s subsequent tour was met with condemnation from political and activist organisations angered by the band’s gloomy performances.

Muscle of Love, the band’s final album, was released in 1973. Even though the split was supposed to be temporary, conflicts led to it being a permanent one. On television shows like Hollywood Squares, Alice Cooper (the person) became a regular presence after moving to Los Angeles. In 1975, he released Welcome to My Nightmare, his debut album as a singer-songwriter on his own. In the wake of Cooper’s solo success, the band officially broke up.

After a long battle with alcoholism, Alice Cooper was admitted to a hospital in 1977 and underwent therapy while there. It was during the 1980s when Cooper produced several albums he had no memory of recording due to his heavy drug and alcohol usage. During this time, the phrase “blackout” was utilised. Commercially, most of these albums didn’t do well.

At least in the late 1980s, the emergence and collapse of glam rock and grunge offered him some reason to be optimistic about the future of his music. Alice Cooper began experimenting with industrial metal around the end of the 2000s as a response to shifting musical trends. His appearances on both Rob Zombie’s 2010 tour and Motley Crue’s 2014 tour were notable. Throughout his career, Alice Cooper has been in a slew of television series and motion pictures.

Intimate Relationships

A gorgeous hillside residence in Phoenix, Arizona, has been the home of Alice and his wife for many years now. Many people may be surprised to learn that Alice is a superb golfer who consistently outplays prior pros in celebrity Pro-Am competitions.

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