Among Us Developers discuss the concept of Imposter’s Kill Animation.

Among Us

Among Us Updates: The makers of Among Us recently turned to Twitter to provide a look at the initial concept behind the Imposter’s gruesome murdering style.

Innersloth, the creator of the Indie game Among Us, just shared an old animation proposal for the game’s gruesome murder. There are many stressful moments among us, punctuated by brutal murder sprees. To keep things interesting for gamers, the murders are carried out using several kill animations.

During the pandemic last year, Among Us took the world by storm. The game has recently surpassed 15 million downloads on the Epic Games Store thanks to a giveaway. The fact that the game’s development team, Innersloth, is made up of only four people is what makes it so impressive.

Innersloth has been keeping up with the success of the game by releasing new maps and cosmetic items on a regular basis. The game was first available on mobile devices, but in December 2020, it was released on Nintendo Switch.

On more consoles, such as the PlayStation 4 and Xbox One, a collector’s edition with an Imposter crewmate plushie will be available.

Among Us

Among Us Imposter’s Kill Animation

Innersloth recently shared an old concept animation for a gruesome Among Us slaughter on their Twitter page. They made a comparison animation of the concept and the actual skill in a game. An Imposter repeatedly stabs a crewmate in the back before leaving them die on the ground in this simple pencil-drawn animation design.

The final in-game rendition and the pencil-drawn concept are fairly similar. However, in the final version, the imposter leaves his knife in the back of the crewmate, giving an extra layer of gore and reality.

Innersloth is reminiscing about the past by releasing original animation concepts, but they are also providing new improvements and driving the game forward into the future. Cleaning the vents has been added to the list of duties for the crewmates in a new update for the game.

This new update will add another degree of strategy to the game. Imposters use the vents to quickly go from one chamber to the next, and the crewmates had no way of stopping them before. Crewmates can now catch Imposters in the act thanks to the new mission.

The film Among Us has been a huge success. Gamers are enthralled by this mysterious sci-fi game because it pulls out your inner sleuth or ruthless spy. The amount of the developer’s original ideas that made it into the game may be seen in this early animation concept. The passion and inventiveness of the four-person development team should be commended.

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