Among Us: Gray Will Be The Newest Color To Be Introduced

Among Us

Among Us Updates: For the past year or so, players have adored Among Us to the point that the devs never imagined the game would achieve such acclaim. And now, for the gamers, a new hue is on the way.

Gray will be included in Among Us, according to Innersloth. The feature would be included in the huge 15-player upgrade scheduled for 2021. This would offer gamers more options. The release date for this upgrade is set for late 2021.

The lockout proved to be a blessing in disguise for Innersloth. During the COVID-19 blackout, the game swiftly gained popularity. Since 2018, the game has been available. Many people have been drawn to the game’s format, which is both easy and exciting at the same time.

The game’s developers have now devoted themselves to keeping it up to date. They do, however, want to make a sequel out of the film.

While it is true that Among Us resembles Mafia, the inclusion of modifications has given the latter an advantage over Mafia. With all of the modifications available for Among Us, adding new hues has become a no-brainer.

Among Us

Among Us Gray Color

The new hue will be accessible when the 15-player update goes live, according to Innersloth. In addition, a new Rose hue will be added to Among Us. In June, this will be accessible. More details will be revealed at this year’s Summer Game Fest, according to the tweet.

Among Us may soon be accessible to play on consoles in addition to PC and mobile. With new console editions, the game’s reach is being expanded. These would arrive in the second half of 2021.

Though modifications may not be supported in console versions, which would undoubtedly detract from the game’s attractiveness. For those who are unaware, the game’s Nintendo Switch version was launched in December 2020.

According to some estimations, Between the PC, Switch, and mobile versions of the game, Among Us might have about 500 million users.

The game is truly one-of-a-kind. It allows people to connect and play party games without having to be in the same room, which is ideal in a circumstance like the COVID-19 epidemic. Let’s hope that the new changes and colours add to the game’s enjoyment and bring it closer to the outstanding hacked versions.

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