Among Us: New Task, Map, and What We Know So Far!

New Among Us

Among Us News: Tasks are a regular feature in the game, and they serve as short goals for crewmates to fulfil in order to win. They come in a variety of shapes and sizes, and some are even exclusive to certain maps, so with each new map, more tasks are introduced.

With the release of The Airship, several new and altered missions were introduced, and more have been revealed or added since then.

The Airship, the game’s largest location to date, appeared in Among Us in late March. According to the Among Us plan, which was unveiled during the Summer Game’s Fest in 2021, more maps are in the works.

The Hide and Seek game mode, as well as a slew of new vocations and crewmate customization options, were all announced at the same time.

Similar social deduction games like Mafia and Werewolf inspired Among Us. The game’s main goal is to locate and eliminate the Imposter. Tasks, on the other hand, are essential for ensuring that the experience is varied.

Because the popularity of Among Us looks to be diminishing since its peak in 2020, adding new activities on a regular basis may help to keep current players motivated.

New Among Us Tasks

New Among Us

Activities that had previously appeared in previous Among Us levels were reintroduced on the Airship map, but some had been altered to fit the new setting to varying degrees. Like previous maps, the Airship provided sabotage options for Imposters.

Other duties stayed mostly unaltered; for the sake of brevity, this list will only contain pre-existing activities that were significantly altered or new tasks brought to the game:

Pistols Must Be Placed Away
Rifles Must Be Placed Away
Safe Unlock
Stabilize Steering
Breakers must be reset.
Prepare a burger
Toilets that are in good condition
Decontaminate Empty Garbage Develop Photos
Organize Records
Tapes to Rewind
Showers must be repaired
Towels should be collected.
Mannequin in Polish Ruby Dress
Begin with the fans.

The Stabilize Steering work was included in the most recent 15-player update, and another new duty, Clean Vents, will be introduced to the game on July 7. During that period, owing to the upgrade, crewmates will be able to block Imposters from accessing vents.

While this is only a temporary setback, it will provide crewmates a new option to gain an advantage over Imposters, adding to the game’s diversity of action. When further updates are published, players will surely have a plethora of new activities to look forward to.

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