And Just Like That Episode 5: December 30 Premiere, Where To Watch and What To Know Before Watching?

And Just Like That Episode 5


And Just Like That Episode 5: Only a few episodes of And Just Like That have been released till now, and it shows good ratings. Fans also like this show, just like Sex and the City. This show is franchise series of Sex and the City, created by Darren Star. After 11 years, Darren Star brings another romance and comedy show. This show is the revival of Sex and the City, which is based on a book by Candace Bushnell.

If you are a fan of the show Sex and the City, then you must like this show as well. Here, you will get the information about the release date, streaming option, and latest updates of the new episode of And Just Like That. So, give time to this article to know this before watching it.

“And Just Like That Episode 5” is Coming!!!

This show comprises only ten episodes which are not going to release in one go. Right now, only four episodes are released. After the release of episode 4, fans get excited for the release of the fifth episode.

If you are also waiting for its release then, your wait is going to end. Because And Just Like That Episode 5 is going to be released by the end of December 2021. It is released on December 30, 2021, at 3:00 am ET. This upcoming episode is titled Tragically Hip.

What Hilarious Is Wrap Up This Time in This And Just Like That Episode 5

In episode 4, you will see that Carrie is trying to sell the residence with her realtor and with the stress, she started smoking again. And Charlotte wants to make her friend circle more diverse so that she becomes a friend of an African American woman. Carrie gets a divorce note from Stanford that is shocking for her.

Now, In And Just Like That Episode 5, you will see how she react to that note and what more exciting happen in their life. Well, not much information is revealed about episode 5; therefore, to know more, you have to wait till December 30, 2021.

And Just Like That Episode 5

Where Is It Available For Streaming?

The official releasing platform of And Just Like That is HBO. Hence you can watch all of its episodes on HBO Max on the releasing date and time. It is available on the official site and app of HBO Max. The only thing you need is that you have a subscription plan for HBO Max.

If you live in the UK, then watch this episode on Sky TV. It has different streaming sites according to the different countries. For Australian people, Binge is the most common platform to enjoy the new episodes of the show And Just Like That.

Final View

As it is a revival of the show Sex and the City, that means it is going to be more hilarious, and once again, you get a chance to see Carrie Bradshaw, Miranda Hobbes, and Charlotte York. I think you don’t want to miss this chance so, watch this show and its new And Just Like That Episode 5 as well on December 30, 2021.

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