Andrew Wilson Net Worth 2022: Profession, Movies, Personal Life, and Relationship Status.

Andrew Wilson


American actor and director Andrew Wilson, renowned for roles in films like Bottle Rocket, The Royal Tenenbaums, Whip It, and Hall Pass, is thought to be worth $4 million, allowing him to enjoy a comfortable lifestyle.

Wilson, how much is an American actor worth? Find out where Wilson gets his money from and how much he makes:

Wilson’s work as an actor and director has always been laudable. His line of work has brought him enormous recognition and fortune throughout his life.

Andrew Wilson, who is both a director and an actor, has worked on various films and television series. “Das Letzte U-Boot,” “House of Pain,” “Bottle Rocket,” “Trois Vies & Une Seule Mort,” “Rushmore,” “Merlin: the return,” “Chicks,” “Hall Pass,” and “The Big Year” are just a few of the films he’s been involved with as a filmmaker.

Andrew Wilson was only the director of one of his films, “The Wendell Baker Story.” He didn’t appear in that particular film as a character himself. The overall cost of the film was around $8 million, and it earned $153,169 in ticket sales.

Bottle Rockets, in which he starred as “John Mapplethorpe” in 1996, is also an associate producer. On a budget of roughly $7 million, the film made $560,069 at the box office.

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It’s worth noting that Rushmore made $17.1 million in box office receipts, followed by Hall Pass ($83.2-million) and The Big Year ($7.3-million).

His net worth is $4 million due to his revenues from these actions.

Andrew Wilson and his son (Joseph Obiamiwe Wilson), who has a net worth of $4 million, live in California, United States.

Wilson’s childhood was like before he starred in and directed Bottle Rockets? The following are some facts concerning Andrew Wilson’s upbringing and early career:

At the height of 6.1 feet, Wilson was born on August 22, 1964, in Dallas, Texas, United States, to parents Robert Andrew Wilson and Laura Cunningham Wilson. As of this writing, he is 53 years old.

Brothers Owen Wilson and Luke Wilson are also actors, and he has a sister.

After attending St. Mark’s School in Dallas, Texas, Andrew decided to stay around in his hometown and finish high school there. Riding a horse and shooting are a couple of his favorite past times.

A German TV movie in 1993, “Das Letzte U-Boot,” was the director’s debut film in which he appeared as an actor.

However, he made his feature film debut in 1995 with “House of Pain,” a two-year-old picture.

The Henry Rollins Show, Up Close, and Entertainment Tonight are just a few of the many shows he has appeared in.

Andrew Wilson

A couple of his TV appearances are Chicks and Das Letzte U-Boot (1999).

The Wendell Baker Story, co-directed by him and his younger brother, Luke, was released in 2015.

In his palm is a pellet that Owen mistakenly fired during a horseback ride.

Andrew, a gifted musician, was previously mauled by a shark in 2010 while surfing in Hawaii. He managed to escape the onslaught unscathed. However, a shark bit him on the leg.

For Satellite Beach, Andrew has earned accolades at the High Desert International Film Festival, Los Angeles Indie Film Fest, River Bend Film Festival, and the Santa Barbara International Film Festival.

Andrew Wilson’s personal life will be discussed next.

It’s possible that Andrew isn’t dating anyone right now. He hasn’t been linked to anyone lately, either true or false. Despite this, he was married to Nnogo Obiamiwe, an African-American lady, for a brief while until their divorce was finalized for various reasons.

In 2003, Andrew married Nnogo Obiamiwe. They have a son, Joseph Obiamiwe Wilson, born in 2010. There’s no word yet on the actual date of their divorce proceedings.

Moving on to his social media sites, let’s do that now.

As a secretary, Andrew doesn’t appear to have a lot of interest in social media. It seems that he has no social media accounts.

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