AR-Ab Net Worth 2022: Rapper’s Unusual Path to Wealth



AR-AB is a Philadelphia rapper with a net worth of $3 million. He first gained attention with his 2009 mixtape, The Nacirema Dream. Since then, he has released several other mixtapes and albums, including 2014’s AR-AB The Mixtape: Thug Matrix. His music is typified by its hardcore lyrics and gritty production, and he has been praised by hip-hop fans and critics alike. In addition to his music career, AR-AB owns a clothing line and has worked as an actor in the television series Boss. Despite his success, AR-AB remains humble and dedicated to his music, sure to make him even more successful in the years to come.

Music Career: AR-AB began his music career in 2006 and has released four studio albums.

He is an underground rapper from the Gaza Strip, worth a whopping $1 million. Born in 1982, AR-Ab started rapping when he was 13 years old and quickly rose to prominence in his hometown of Gaza City. His music is often dark, reflective, and politically charged; he’s also been known to mix Arabic lyrics with English ones. In 2016, AR-Ab released his first full-length album, “In the Shadow of Guns and Ships.

Business Ventures: He has also ventured into business, owning several restaurants and a clothing line.

He is a rapper from the Gaza Strip who has amassed a significant net worth through his music and business ventures. The 34-year-old has released six albums, two EPs, and several singles and collaborations. He has also performed at festivals worldwide, including in Europe, North America, and Asia. In addition to his music career, AR-Ab is involved in several business ventures, including owning a clothing line and starting his record label. He has made significant contributions to the Gaza Strip economy through his music and business endeavors.

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Charitable Work: AR-AB is also involved in charitable work, raising money for cancer research and other causes.

He  also known as Rapper is an American rapper. He has a net worth of $3 million. He released his first mixtape in 2013 and his debut album in 2016. He has collaborated with artists such as Lil Uzi Vert, Kodak Black, Lil Yachty, and Migos.



The Atlanta rapper, has a net worth of $1 million. Born in 1991, He started rapping at 12 and quickly garnered a following in his hometown of Atlanta. He released his first mixtape in 2013 and followed it up with two more over the next two years. In 2017, he released his debut album, Layers, which peaked at number six on the Billboard 200.


What is happening with AR-Ab?

Ans: The Philadelphia Inquirer reports that on April 15, 2021, a federal court will impose a 45-year jail term on 38-year-old rapper AR-Ab. Original Block Hustlaz, the record company he founded, has been transformed into a significant drug trafficking operation in North Philadelphia.

How many years did AR-Ab have?

Ans: After being found guilty in 2019 of converting his record company Original Block Hustlaz (OBH) into a large-scale North Philadelphia drug-trafficking operation, rapper Abdul West, 38, was sentenced to 45 years in prison by a federal judge.

Is AR-Ab alive?

Ans: AKA AR-AB (also known as King AB), Abdul Ibrahim West (born September 26, 1982) is an American rapper from Philadelphia, Pennsylvania.

Is Dark Lo in jail?

Ans: In a federal drug conspiracy case that sent its most excellent star to jail last year, Philadelphia rapper Dark Lo was sentenced to 712 years for intimidating a witness on Friday.

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