Arin Hanson Net Worth 2022: Age, Height, Weight, Wife, Children, and Bio are all Here.

Arin Hanson Net Worth 2022: Age, Height, Weight, Wife, Children, and Bio are all Here.


American voice actor, animator, and social media star Arin Hanson has a fortune estimated at $18 million. His ‘Egoraptor’ YouTube channel is a huge hit among animation fans.

A prolific online animator since 2005, Arin Hanson has worked on more than two dozen video series for his own YouTube channels, “Egoraptor” and “Game Grumps.”

At least 15 games have been produced by Arin since 2009, and he has recently worked on Hex Heroes and The Cyanide and Happiness Adventure Game, among other projects. Dream Daddy: A Dad Dating Simulator was one of Arin’s projects as an executive producer.

Do you know how much Arin Hanson earns every year?

Most of Arin Hanson’s income comes from developing and uploading cartoons on social media, and from acting in commercials.

Only through YouTube does Arin make over $2,5 million a year. In addition, he has a sizable following base on other social media platforms. Following is a breakdown of his monthly take-home pay:

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  • Annual Salary: $4,4 Million
  • Income: $366.67K a month
  • Income: $91.67K per week
  • Income: $13.09K Per Day
  • Earnings Per Hour: $546

What is Arin Hanson’s source of income?

Arin Hanson has a wide range of abilities. At the same time, he is a voice actor and an animator. In addition to his YouTube, Instagram, and Facebook profiles, Arin has a large fan base.

The online business that Arin maintains where he sells products to his fans and followers in addition to his regular duties. The following is a list of some of his many projects:

In the process of making animations

Working as a VO actor is a very rewarding experience.

YouTube’s profits

An internet business selling items.

Creating Animated Objects.

You should check out Arin Hanson’s work. In September 2004, he began his career as an animator by posting ‘Final Fantasy 7 Flash Spoof‘ on DeviantArt. But that didn’t work out. ‘Metal Gear Crisis’ was the first great cartoon that made him famous in 2005.

Producers at MTV were impressed enough with Arin Hanson’s Metal Gear Crisis production that they asked him to make short animated segments for their online video game show, The G-Hole. MTV pays animators between $50,000 and $100,000 per year.

In addition, he created animated shorts for video games, short humorous series, and a spoof of Shounen anime, among other things.

A Voice Actor’s Job

Arin Hanson is a voice actress as well as an animator. His voice has appeared in 11 animated projects, including parody videos, comedy shorts, and more. In addition, Arin’s voice may be heard in 15 other video games.

In Metal Gear Crisis, Arin made his debut as Solid Snake’s voice actor in 2005. The voice actor for Bruce Banner in the computer game Marvel: Ultimate Alliance in 2006 was him, and he provided the voice for the character.

YouTube’s profits

He has a YouTube channel where he uploads his own animated films and video game reviews. Egoraptor is his YouTube username. In July 2006, he became a member of YouTube using this channel.

As of this writing, there are 2.88 million subscribers to the Egoraptor YouTube channel. The total number of views the videos have received thus far is 543.9 million. He receives up to $80,000 a year from this source.

There’s also another YouTube channel where they collaborate with Dan Avidan, called “Game Grumps,” where they discuss games and other topics. They create hilarious animation, a variety of unusual projects, and some of the best animated shows ever made.

Game Grumps has 5.44 million subscribers and a mind-boggling collection of 7551 videos on its channel on YouTube. The channel has a total of 58.56 billion views, and YouTube pays the channel up to 1.5 million dollars a year for this channel’s advertising income.

Customers may buy products from an online store

Another way Arin Hanson makes money is through his internet store. The store’s name is inspired by the popular YouTube channel Game Grumps.

He offers t-shirts, caps, socks, pins, stickers, books, and other accessories through his internet shop. Fans of Arin’s YouTube channel are his biggest consumers. He uses videos to promote his store on the site.

Arin Hanson

Infancy and Childhood

Margate, Florida, was the home of Arin Hanson’s youth. In 2009, he dropped out of high school in the middle of his studies and relocated from Florida to California. He met his wife-to-be, Suzy Berhow, while living in California.

A rehabilitation clinic for mending horses is run by Hanson’s mother. It is a non-profit organisation. In order to aid and support his mother’s charity organisation, Hanson frequently broadcasts it online.

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