Ashley Flowers Net Worth: In 2022, How Much Money will American Podcast Host Have?

Ashley Flowers


Ashley Flowers has gained a following for her weekly podcast, ‘Crime Junkie. ‘Crime Junkie,’ a true-crime podcast, was voted one of Rolling Stone’s finest. Ashley Flowers hosts a true-crime podcast called ‘Super Natural with Ashley Flowers,’ which explores criminal cases’ bizarre and surreal aspects. According to her predicted earnings, she will have a $5 million fortune by the year 2022.


Ashely Flowers was born in southern Indiana on December 19, 1989. Her father, Mr. Flowers, is a successful businessman, and her mother, Lisa, is a housewife. David Flowers and Alissa Flowers are Ashley’s two younger siblings.

Ashley finished her undergraduate and graduate degrees in biomedical research at Arizona State University. After that, she began working at the University of Notre Dame as a genetics researcher. After that, she worked in Indiana for a software firm selling software.

It wasn’t until 2017 that Flower decided to launch her podcast because of her early interest in crime and mysteries.

In the Profession of Ashley Flowers

Ashley Flowers and her co-host Prawat have known one other since they were children, she claimed in an interview with ‘Inside Radio.’ Flowers’ mother introduced Prawat and Flower as friends, and the two got fascinated with a true-crime narrative as they grew older. As a child, Flowers got fascinated with the mysteries of Agatha Christie and Nancy Drew, owing to her mother, who read them to her.

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Her next gig was hosting a 20-minute show on Indianapolis’s RadioNOW 100.9 for Crime Stoppers of Central Indiana, where she served on the board of directors after that. During its one-year run, the show aimed to raise awareness of crime stoppers and the organizations that support young people.

The moniker “Crime Junkie” came to Flowers while working for “Crime Stoppers,” she said in an interview with WTHR. She claimed that there were not enough podcasts, so she started her own because she wanted to hear the complete tale.

Ashley Flowers managed her podcast ‘Crime Junkie’ while working full-time at a hospital. Flowers debuted her show in December of 2017 and has since published fresh episodes every week. In 2019, she decided to make ‘Crime Junkie her only occupation.

Flowers also mentioned that each podcast episode takes roughly 30 hours to research, write, edit, and prepare for distribution. Except for a few episodes when Prawat has taken the central part, Flowers undertakes all her research.

Crime Junkie episodes tend to follow the same structure. The length of each episode varies based on the complexity of the case. Murder, serial killers, and missing individuals are among the topics covered in the podcast. Flowers narrates her tale, while Prawat offers a different point of view on the events.

Prawat narrates the stories of dogs that have been adopted. On the podcast, the two frequently conduct a section called “Puppet of the Month,” in which they feature a different puppet each month. Fan-submitted photos of their pets inspired this program part, which is unconnected to the “Crime Junkie” story.

Since the very beginning, Flowers has presented the show Crime Junkie from her home office. Her brother David Flowers, who occasionally edits the screenplays, has always been there to lend a helping hand to her in her career. AudioChuck is the moniker given to a dog named Charlie that hauls after every episode of Flowers.

A Day in the life of Ashley Flowers

A long time ago, Ashley Flowers discovered her love of crime fiction and podcasts, and she has since presented dozens of them, including Murder Monday. RadioNOW 100.9 played the podcast. It’s not all bad news for AudioChuck, though. She has just started a new show called “Supernatural,” part of her podcast network.

‘Chuck’ is a dog that Ashley enjoys playing with, and she has a special place in her heart for him. Ashley’s official Instagram feed features a slew of photographs of her dog. Yoga is Ashley’s preferred form of exercise when she has time on her hands.

Cathy Frye and others have accused Ashley of plagiarism (August 2019). In a Facebook live video, Fry stated that the episode on ‘Kacie Woody,’ which aired in March 2019, omitted to credit her 2003 piece in the ‘Arkansas Democrat-Gazette,’ which the podcast extensively relied on. Flowers later deleted the ‘Crime Junkie’ podcast episodes.

Ashley Flowers

What is going on in Ashley Flowers’ personal life?

Hudak, a friend from high school, introduced Ashley to her future husband while she worked in medical sales. On December 31, 2017, they tied the knot as a married couple after their friendship developed into a passion.

A program manager for Indianapolis power and light, Hudack has a history in medical sales and the energy sector. Ashley announced her pregnancy to her followers on November 13, 2021, and said she would be giving birth in January of the following year, 2022. She has also revealed the sex of her upcoming kid, and she refers to it as “she” whenever possible.

Flowers, Ashley Size, Weight, and Color of Eyes

Ashlee’s height is just ideal, and she looks great. She stands at the height of 5 ft 6 in. For her yoga and exercise routines, Ashley is a healthy 60 kilos. She also does yoga to stay in shape and maintain a healthy weight. Additionally, Ashley’s eyes are dark brown.

Ashley Flowers’s earnings and net worth were updated in 2019.

AudioChuck Podcast Network was founded by Ashley, who serves as its CEO and creator. ‘Crime Junkie,’ her best-known podcast, was one of many she hosted. Including her assets, income, and money, she is expected to be worth $5 million in 2021.

Ashley is 32 years old and has one of the most popular podcasts on crime. It is frequently the most listened to. Hence it beats out all other podcasts on crime. As a result, her earnings have been rising consistently over time.

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