Attack on Titan Chapter 136 will centre on the Final Titan War, and its release date has been confirmed.

Attack on Titan Chapter 136

Attack on Titan Chapter 136 Updates: Manga fans are eagerly anticipating the publication of Attack on Titan Chapter 136. The Japanese Manga series includes a massive 32-volume collection that will be released till September 2020.

With over 100 million copies produced globally, it is the best-selling manga series in the world.

Attack on Titan Chapter 136

Let’s continue reading to find out what happens next in the award-winning manga collection.

Attack on Titan Chapter 136 Plot

After seeing the final chapter of the programme, we can grasp the plot of the 136th chapter.

A closer look at the chapter reveals that the Titans are still at war. More Titans will be revealed in this chapter. It’s possible that Zeke and Eren will be featured.

The War that began in the 135 chapter is expected to run in another 2 chapters.

Manga fans, on the other hand, will be surprised by the number of twists and turns in this chapter. We may not see Levi because of his broken leg; nevertheless, Armin, who was held captive by the long-tongued Titan, is expected to change into a Colossal Titan using the ring given to him by Annie.

In Chapter 132, Armin and Annie have a chat in which she turns up her ring to the former before he joins the Survey Corps and the Marley Warriors.

After being forced into a “dream-like condition” by Ymir, Pieck must now work to save the War hammer, Titan.

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With the odds stacked against them, the alliance must devise a counter-attack strategy.

Eren is absent from the Manga panels, implying that the Manga adaptation is coming to a close. The plot will be wrapped up by Hajime Isayama.

On January 4, 2021, teasers for Attack on Titan Chapter 136 are likely to be revealed. Let’s not make any more predictions about the chapter.

The publication date for Attacks on Titan Chapter 136 is set for January 9, 2021. The manga series may be found on VIZ Media, Manga Plus, and the official Shonen Jump websites and platforms. However, the official publication of Attack on Titan Chapter 136 in English will take some time.

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