Attack On Titan: Marco’s Death Revealed (& Who Was Responsible)

Attack on Titan

Attack On Titan Updated: The first season of Attack of Titans ended tragically for Marco Bodt. But how did he die, and who was to blame for his demise?

Attack of the Titans is a fantasy anime series in which people are forced to live in villages encircled by massive walls to keep the titans at bay. Titans are mindless humanoids who roam the world, killing anybody who crosses their path.

Eren Jaeger is the main character of Attack of Titan. Eren Jaeger is a young woman who enlisted in the military to protect her village from the titans after her mother was murdered by them. After a long period of training.

Eren and her companions face the titans for the first time. They then demolish the settlement walls once more. The Battle of Trost was the name of the battle. The military was found to have suffered as a result of this fight. It also contains Thomas Wagner, Eren’s companion who was consumed by the titans.

Attack on Titan

Attack On Titan Marco’s Death

Marco was killed in the Battle of Throat in Attack of Titans. He was one of the regiment’s most popular members. He was known for consistently boosting the spirits of his fellow cadets. Marco has also made a good buddy in Jean Kireschtein.

He battled bravely and also saved the jeans’ lives while diverting the giant who was on his way to Jean. When the fight was done in episode 13 of the Attack of Titans, it was only Jean who discovered Macro’s mutilated corpse in the cleaning operation. Macro’s death was simply written off as a war fatality.

The dialogue of his fellow candidates Reiner Braun and Bertholdt Hoover, who were discussing Eren Jaeger’s capacity to shift into titans, was revealed in the Flashback episode 52 of Attack of Titans.

The titan who triggered the past two wall breaches that resulted to Marco’s detention was also working against the comrades, according to the dialogue. They, together with traitor Annie Leonhart, agreed not to let Macro survive, and they took away his weapons while watching titans devour him.

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