BeatKing: Details about his Net Worth 2022 and Other Interesting Tidbits!


BeatKing is a rapper and hip-hop musician from the United States. Some of his tunes, such as “Then Leave, Club Godzilla,” may be familiar to you.

Name BeatKing
Birthday November 24, 1984
Age 35
Height 5 Feet 11 Inches
Nationality American
Ethnicity Black
Profession Rapper and Musical artist
Instagram @clubgodzilla

BDA, Hammer, and Crush are some of BeatKing’s best-known tunes. In addition, he has published a number of albums.

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BeatKing has Ten Facts

Rapper and musician BeatKing was born on November 24, 1984, in Los Angeles, California. He’s 35 years old, which is old for him. Sagittarius is also his zodiac sign.

Justin Riely is BeatKing’s true name. Houston, Texas, is where Justin is originally from. As a result, he has the nationality of an American boy. In addition, he is a person of African descent.

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Height: 5′ 11″ The rapper has a height of 6′ 1″. He, too, has a hefty and strong physique. In addition, he has brown eyes and black hair.

Riley’s mother, a church pianist, was the driving force behind his interest in music. His mother actually reared him as a lone parent. Sadly, both of his parents have now passed away, leaving him without a father figure.

When it comes to his personal life, he is more private than other superstars. His girlfriend and wife are rarely mentioned in the media because of this.

He’s a well-known musician, but he doesn’t appear in Wikipedia. Likewise, an examination of his financial situation is presently underway.


When it came to early music, he had an interest. He also began to rap at the age of 13 under the alias “PG 13” as a rapper. He launched “Kings of Club” in 2010 and it quickly became a smash success.

After the release of his solo album “Club God” in 2011, his career took off. Furthermore, his single “You Aint Got That Life” climbed to the top of the Billboard charts.

His tracks have also recently taken over TikTok. Then Leave” and “Club Godzilla,” two of his biggest hits, may be heard in countless TikTok videos.

@clubgodzilla is his Instagram handle. @BEATKINGKONG, likewise, is his Twitter account

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