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Has Benzino ever crossed your mind as a company’s worth? He’s been in the entertainment business for a long time, and he’s worth a lot of money. As of April 2022, Benzino has a net worth of $1 million because of his involvement in The Source magazine. We’ll look at how he did it in this post.

Life in the Earlier Years

On July 18, 1965, he was born in Boston, Massachusetts, as Raymond Leon Scott. Mary Scott, a native of Cape Verde, and Edward DeJesus are his parents.

Benzino became interested in Hip Hop and Rap after seeing Wild Style. Aside from his mother, he has two sisters named Anita and Maureen. Dave Mays, a Harvard grad, became a buddy of his when he was in college. Together, they founded The Source, a Hip Hop magazine. This would be the beginning of a long and successful rap career for him.

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Expand the magazine’s readership in a more significant, hip-hop-centric metropolis. In 1988, The Source was the first publication to focus exclusively on hip-hop music, politics, and popular culture. Benzino began the magazine in his birthplace of Boston, but it was moved to New York City’s headquarters in 1990.

As a member of Almighty RSO, Benzino won an ICA B-Town Rap Battle in 1986, making him a breakout star. The band would become well-known in the Boston area.

As a response to two Boston police deaths, they produced their debut Extended Play Revenge of Da Badd Boyz, which was the first single of their album, “One in the Chamba.”

The group would aim to become a household name with the support of The Source but struggled to be noticed outside of Boston. None of their subsequent ventures would generate the excitement necessary to make them a household name. After this, the trio would disband, and Benzino would establish his career as an artist.

The Benzino Project, his first studio album, debuted at number 84 on the Billboard 200 in 2001. Snoop Dogg, P Diddy, Scarface, and Raekwon appear on the album.

In addition to Redemption, Arch Nemesis, and The Antidote, Benzino would release three additional studio albums (2007). In the top 200 for all except one (Antidote).


Although he had a successful solo career as an artist, He achieved his most tremendous commercial success with The Source. He was the magazine’s Chief Operating Officer and Co-Owner and significantly impacted its development and day-to-day operations. As the world’s longest-running rap magazine, The Source has become a vital part of the genre.

Net Worth of Benzino, Inc., in 2022

It is estimated that Benzino’s net worth will be $1 million in April 2022. His earnings as an artist plus his pay at The Source make up the bulk of his net worth. In addition to being the father of Coi Leray, he is still very much involved in the rap scene.

The most important takeaways

Benzino’s passion is music, and he has had some success as a musician, but there are many ways to pursue what you love. Most people know him as the editor of The Source magazine, which provides regular updates on the latest in rap culture. To succeed, you don’t necessarily need to develop anything new or be the best at what you do. Star in your position while still working in an industry that you enjoy.

Benzino got his start in a rap group with buddies from his hometown. He didn’t hesitate to venture out on his own. They didn’t perform so well, so he decided to do his own thing, and that’s where he received the most acclaim as an artist. There are times when you may need to distance yourself from your childhood buddies to progress in your life.

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