Big Sky Season 2 Episode 14 – “Dead Man’s Float” Recap

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Big Sky Season 2 Episode 14 “Dead Man’s Float” report is on Celebrity Myxer. Travis is on thin ice as Jenny works feverishly to establish the Bhullars’ involvement in the drug-related murder of a minor.

Meanwhile, Jenny’s suspicions about Travis are growing. We learn the actual purpose behind his trip to Montana, and a surprise guest brings back memories for Lindor. Here’s what you’ve been missing!

Big Sky

Dead Man’s Float is the 14th episode of Big Sky Season 2.

Season 2 Episode 13 of Big Sky previously shown that, although the kids had been exonerated of their wrongdoing, the Bhullars’ reign of terror continued, as Jenny found herself perpetually lagging behind their crew and as Travis struggled to maintain the delicate balance between his two lives.

After her last encounter with Ronald, Cassie chooses to take a break. Wolf is bared to the syndicate’s teeth.

A dead body is shown in the back of Travis’s vehicle in Big Sky Season 2 Episode 14. Despite Jenny’s concerns, he maintains his innocence. She loves him and tells him to get rid of his body, but this is just too much. She drives off.

Big Sky Season 2 Episode 14: Mason is missing.

The troubled Jag listens as Ren describes how Travis slashed Bob’s throat with a knife. Ren advises him to get a little tougher. Veer, their father, is allegedly behaving strangely, according to Jag.

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In search of her missing brother Mason, Hayden Ford ventures out into the night in search of him. She discovers him dead on the sand, slumped over in his chair. This guy is clutching a bag of medicines.

Poppernak and Sheriff Tubb are waiting for Jenny on the beach. Mason is a familiar face to Jenny, as is the whole Ford family.

Jerrie Returns to the Family Home.

Jenny and Poppernak head to the Ford family’s residence to meet with the Ford children and their families. Jenny inquires about Mason’s drug use, and Mason denies it in Big Sky Season 2 Episode 14.

When Hayden claims he had a few beers, Richard, her father, is upset. He slams the door and Jenny and Poppernak run out of the room.

While Mark is out of the workplace recovering from surgery, he volunteers to help Denise out around the office. Jerrie is with her father at the moment.

For her mother’s birthday, they decide to make a home-cooked lunch. When Jerrie returns home, she invites him to come see her.

Donno is waiting for Travis to return after burying Bob’s body outside. He plays a video of Travis murdering Bob for Travis. Donno has his doubts about Travis and is keeping the tape just in case he turns out to be a cop or does anything bad to Ren.

Unwelcome Guest in the Dark

If Hayden finds out that Mason died as a result of a drug overdose in Big Sky Season 2 Episode 14, she informs him about Jenny. As though surprised, Hayden passes Jenny the pill bottle she found in Mason’s hand and continues on with her day.

In the middle of the night, Ren sees someone outside her bedroom window. She goes out with Jag and a gun to look into the matter. It’s Veer, my friend! He thinks they ought to sit down and speak.

The two of them settle down to discuss, with Veer and Alicia accompanying them. Because Vikram had stolen from them, they said they had to leave Toronto because someone was looking for them. Veer’s attempt to assassinate Vikram was a failure.

Due to Delivery Driver Issues.

Donno cooks when he’s stressed out, according to Tonya. He expresses apprehension that something horrible is about to happen. He is Ren’s guy to the core, but he doesn’t trust Travis and is concerned about Veer’s being here.

Jenny and Sheriff Tubb talk about the results of the tests done on the tablets found on Mason’s body in Big Sky Season 2 Episode 14. It’s a mixture of synthetic fentanyl and a lethal ingredient. As soon as possible, Sheriff Tubb wants it removed from the streets.

Tonya’s delivery drivers are causing her difficulties. They’d want to spend more money on gas to go where they’re going. Shipment number one was stolen and its driver slain only moments after it left the dock. They’re terrified of the wheel.

Girlfriends You’ve Had in the Past

In the midst of her practise in Big Sky Season 2 Episode 14, Alicia is discovered by Ren. To help Veer, Alicia informs Ren that Veer needs to decide out who will take over his business. Ren, in Alicia’s opinion. Ren is instructed by her to show her father that she is capable.

Travis is listening to Ren rant about Alicia. Every one of Veer’s former romances is brought up by Travis. Maybe Alicia will be like Kate and no longer be an issue for Ren. Ren doesn’t get what he’s saying, but Jenny interrupts them.

Big Sky Season 2 Episode 14: That Was A Mistake

There is no stopping Jenny from telling Travis and Ren that her synthetic fentanyl caused the death of a boy named Mason Ford. Ren warns Travis and Donno that they must find evidence that her product has been tampered with.

Over a few drinks, Mark sits down with Jerrie and has a chat. She inquires about Cassie, and he responds that he’s been working on a project there. Jerrie enquires as to what his next move is.

Dhruv smacks Jenny on the head and tells her she made a terrible mistake in Big Sky Season 2 Episode 14!

Big-Sky News

The cast of  Big Sky Season 2 Episode 14

  • Jenny Hoyt (Katheryn Winnick)
  • As Cassie Dewell, Kylie Bunbury takes on the role.
  • Ronald Pergman (Brian Geraghty)
  • Denise Brisbane was played by Dedee Pfeiffer.
  • Scarlett Leyendecker is played by Anja Savcic.
  • Ren is played by Janina Gavankar.
  • Travis Marshall-Green
  • Mark Lindor is played by Omar Metwally.
  • Rick Legarski is played by John Carroll Lynch.
  • Jerrie Kennedy is played by Jesse James Keitel.

Guest Starring In Big Sky Season 2 Episode 14

  • Dhruv (Yuvraj Dhesi) is a guest star in the show.
  • Dietrich J. Anthony Pena as Deputy Poppernak by David Meunier
  • As Veer Bhullar, Bernard White takes the role.
  • Donno, played by Ryan O’Nan,
  • Tonya is played by Jamie-Lynn Sigler.
  • As Alicia, Constance Zimmer appeared.

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