Bill Paxton Net Worth 2022: Is There Any Money Left Over From His Death?

Bill Paxton


Actor, producer, and director Bill Paxton had a fortune of $25 million when he passed away in 2017. As an actor, Paxton began his career as a cinematographer, and initially, he wanted to be a director of films. Then Bill decided to switch gears and concentrate on acting instead. In the 1980s, he starred in films including “Weird Science,” “Aliens,” and “Near Dark” after studying with the legendary acting instructor Stella Adler.

Afterward, his filmography included roles in such diverse productions as “True Lies,” “Twister,” and “Titanic” during the 1990s. On the television front, he received high accolades for his performance in HBO’s “Big Love.” This included three nominations for the Golden Globes. For his work in shows like “Hatfields & McCoys” and “Training Day,” he was nominated for a Primetime Emmy and a Screen Actors Guild Award. Two months before his death, he appeared in the film “The Circle,” which marked the end of his acting career.

As a child

On May 17th, 1955, William Paxton was born in Fort Worth, Texas. Bill’s father was a timber merchant and businessman who acted in a few movies. His family has German, English, French, and Scandinavian ancestors. ‘ His great-great-grandfather served as a brigadier general in the Confederate Army during the Civil War.

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Bill Paxton and his siblings were reared in a Roman Catholic environment. He saw the assassination of John F. Kennedy mere hours before he left the Hotel Texas. An iconic shot of a mob gathered in front of the hotel shows him as a toddler. Paxton later co-produced a film about the assassination, which shows that the tragedy profoundly affected him.

Bill Paxton attended Richmond College in England on the heels of his high school graduation from Fort Worth’s North High School. He and some of his pals made Super eight short films together during this time. For these flicks, they also constructed their own sets. Paxton traveled to Los Angeles to pursue a career in movies, where he worked in props and art departments. During this time, he applied as a director to many California film schools but was turned down by them. Paxton eventually moved his focus to act.

Career: Bill Paxton

In “The Terminator,” where Bill Paxton played a “punk,” Paxton played one of his earlier roles. With “Weird Science,” he had a more prominent part after another modest appearance in “Streets of Fire.” A year later, in the film “Aliens,” he was cast as Private William Hudson, a member of the US Colonial Marines. As the protagonist’s older brother, Bill brings a wealth of experience to the role.

Filmmaking was a significant part of his life during this period. The short films he made for “Saturday Night Live” in the early 1980s included “Fish Heads.” He also appeared in a Pat Benatar music video. Paxton formed a new wave band with a buddy named Martini Ranch during this period, which shows that music was a big part of his life. The band’s sole album, “Holy Cow,” was released in 1988.

Bill Paxton


In his first marriage, Kelly Rowan was Bill’s wife. She was married to him for a year in 1979, but they broke up the following year. Having first met Louise Newbury in London, England; Bill Paxton married her in 1987. Throughout their relationship, Newbury and Paxton had two children together.


Paxton opened up about his cardiac problems at the beginning of 2017. Bill Paxton had rheumatic fever as a child, and it had been several years since he had recovered. A damaged heart valve resulted from this sickness, and it became difficult for him in his later years. Finally, Paxton decided to have open-heart surgery to fix the valve that had been broken. Even though the procedure was successful, it appears to have generated further problems for Bill. Paxton died 11 days following the surgery from a deadly stroke. He was 61 years old on February 25th of this year.

Investing in property

Ojai, California, is about two hours northwest of Los Angeles, where Bill Paxton spent much of his final years. The Paxtons appear to own the 2.5-acre plot of land. Today, it’s valued anywhere between $4-6 million.

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