Black Ish Season 8 Episode 10 “Young, Gifted, and Black”: A Recap

Black Ish Season 8 Episode 10 Cast


Black Ish Season 8 Episode 10 News: Recap of “Young, Gifted and Black” from Black-ish Season 8 Episode 10 Not to be missed: Celebs Season 8 Episode 10 “Young, Gifted and Black” recap by Myxer. It is assumed that Devante, the only black student in his private school, is being discriminated against since he is lagging behind in his studies.

Black Ish Season 8 Episode 10

As a result, they learn that there may be more going on than they first thought when they visit his classroom. While at home, Junior is still reeling from the loss of a loved one; his parents request Charlie’s support. Here’s a recap of everything you could have missed.

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While attending an important family event, Dre learns that he has been nominated for an Ad World Award, but he may have to cancel his appearance at the event. On the other hand, Olivia returns from Yale to visit Junior, who has a full day of Los Angeles fun planned for the two of them for their stay.

On a blackish-brown colour At the beginning of Black Ish Season 8 Episode 10, Dre talks about the prejudice that black people have had in the United States and the difficulties they still face in the public school system. Hence, Valley Glen Prep is where Dre and Bow’s children have always attended because it is an exclusive private school with a mostly white student body.

The use of racial bias in education

Black Ish Season 8 Episode 10: Rainbow and Dre have had to defend their children in school on several occasions over the years for a variety of different reasons. Since they’ve had to constantly be on their alert against preconceptions and microaggressions, when Devante receives a letter from school saying they’re concerned about his development, they’re both outraged.

Black Ish Season 8 Episode 10: The news concerning Devante’s lack of progress is brought up by Dre and Bow when Ruby and Pops arrive in the kitchen for a tropical happy hour at 2 pm. Their meeting with Devante’s instructor is tomorrow, and they’re both ready for battle. Ruby and Pops are on the same page in this regard.

Black Ish Season 8 Episode 10: Bow and Dre are both enraged at Valley Glen Prep’s parent-teacher conference until they see some of Devante’s work on the wall and realise they’re both wrong. He is writing his D’s backwards and his work is less ordered than some of the other children’s, which is unusual.

Naturally, Dre faking a heart attack after seeing that his wife is ready to loose her s**t on their children’s white teacher for no apparent reason

Progress is Progress

Upon seeing Devante’s work, Bow supports Dre’s choice to stage a heart attack. In order to avoid being criticised for Devante’s lack of development, they decide to provide a hand with the approaching open house project the family is working on.

Black Ish Season 8 Episode 10: Every time Devante produces a new version, Dre and Bow reject it, forcing him to keep trying until he finds one that works. When Ruby and Pops arrive to view it, Pops tells Dre that it’s still not enough, so Dre begins working on Devante’s drawing of the family himself. Pops and Ruby are both disappointed.

Even though it’s obvious who drew the image, no one will believe Rainbow and Dre if they adhere to their tale about Devante’s involvement in its creation.

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She honours her promise to Dre when Principal Biggs requests to talk with her, even though she is being interrogated. When Principal Biggs asks why Dre chose to draw the picture instead of writing it down, Dre snaps and attacks him, stating that he had no option but to do so or risk having his family judged.

When Dre finds out that his children have been expelled from Valley Glen Prep, he is enraged and humiliated.

Bereavement for Juniors

Meanwhile, Jack and Diane bring in Charlie for assistance when Junior hasn’t healed from his separation with Olivia. In Charlie’s opinion, Junior’s ten-step strategy can help him shift from being sad to attractive.

Following Charlie’s attempt at shaving Junior’s face, the boy refuses to speak ill of Olivia. To go back in time and be with her again, all he needs is a time machine. He’s always stalking her social media in the hopes that she still misses him.

Junior is unwilling to consider any other women than the one he lost, even after Charlie, Jack, and Diane try to persuade him, but they are unsuccessful. For some reason, Junior is sceptical when Charlie recommends they visit Las Vegas to brighten his mood.

Diane eventually opens up and attempts to make her brother feel better after weeks of seeing him lay on the couch in his bathrobe and play the blues on harmonica.

Black Ish Season 8 Episode 10: To Junior, she describes him as a wonderful person who has a good career and who, even when he isn’t smiling, is attractive. if Charlie can find love, then there must be someone out there for Junior, too, Diane believes Then Junior gets motivated and washes his bathrobe for the first time in a while.

Black Ish Season 8 Episode 10: Decisions that are difficult to make

Dre and Bow discuss relocating their children to a new school after Dre loses his temper with Principal Biggs. They understand that they’ve had to keep an eye on their children’s school, but it’s not the only place they’ve had to. They always feel like an outcast at work and among their neighbourhood.

Only when they were with Michelle Obama did they not feel like the only Black family in town. For the time being, Dre and Bow had to make these trade-offs in order to provide their children the finest of the best.

Black Ish Season 8 Episode 10: That Devante was writing his D’s backward in kindergarten isn’t a huge concern is agreed upon by the group. The three of them may stay at Valley Glen Prep for now, but Dre does not want to inform Principal Biggs about it until the next day because he made a big show about storming out.

Ruby and Pops inform Devante that night at home that his actual schooling is going to be on the streets. Ruby prepares beverages for the three of them as Pops demonstrates how to roll dice.

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The show will premiere on March 29, 2022.

Black Ish Season 8 Episode 10 Cast:Black Ish Season 8 Episode 10 Cast

  • As Andre “Dre” Johnson, Anthony Anderson takes on the role.
  • Rainbow Johnson is played by Tracee Ellis Ross.
  • Andre Johnson Jr. is played by Marcus Scribner, while Diane Johnson is played by Marsai Martin.
  • On stage as Jack Johnson, Miles Brown was outstanding
  • Ruby, played by Jenifer Lewis
  • Peter Mackenzie portrays Mr. Stevens in the film.
  • Playing Pops, Laurence Fishburne
  • As Zoey Johnson, YaraShahidi portrays (from Grown-ish)
  • Olivia Lockhart (Katlyn Nichol) in the film

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