Black Widow: The MCU Villain Problem Is Solved By Dreykov (By Being Irredeemable)

Black Widow

Black Widow Review: If you’re a Marvel fan, you must see the new Black Widow film if you haven’t already. The film picks up after the events of Captain America: Civil War, with Natasha on the run from General Ross and the Avengers’ Iron Man faction. Natasha, as a skilled spy, is well-versed in the art of vanishing into thin air, which is how she managed to elude arrest for so long.

The film depicts much of her terrible backstory, including how she was brought to the United States as a spy at such a young age, only to be betrayed by her own handler, who placed her into the Black Widow programme without her will.

General Dreykov, the movie’s Big Baddie, is the same handler who invented the Black Widow programme for his personal purposes. Marvel aims to construct its villains in such a way that they portray them as accurately as possible.

Black Widow: MCU Villain

Black Widow

No one can be completely evil or completely good, and Marvel has given their villains just enough goodness to make them appealing as redeeming villains. For example, Loki, who was once a major roadblock for our heroes, has now become a fan favourite superhero with his own solo book. Dreykov, on the other hand, is not one of those villains; he is as evil and cruel as they come.

He established the Red Room and experimented and tormented hundreds of young girls, turning them into spies who aid him in maintaining power balance. His Widows are nothing more than puppets to him, and he doesn’t give a damn whether they live or die. His vicious nature has even turned his own daughter into a mind-controlled assassin known as Taskmaster.

Only if pure evil had a face, Natasha would have killed him without hesitation, believing that it would be preferable to his incarceration. Even the fans despised the character, which is why they shared Natasha’s feelings throughout the film, which was a smart manoeuvre by Marvel.

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