Booboo Stewart Net Worth 2022: Height, Weight, and Relationship Status (Wife, Kids, and Grandkids)

Booboo Stewart


Nils Allen or Booboo Stewart. Known as Booboo Stewart Jr., an American actor, singer, and visual artist, he is a well-known performer. The Twilight Saga: Seth Clearwater made him a household name for his portrayal of the character.

Additionally, he is well-known for his roles as Warpath in the X-Men: Days of Future Past film and Jay in the Descendants film. In addition to his film and television performances, he has been in several music videos during his career.

Biography of Booboo Stewart on Wikipedia

Stewart will be 27 years old in 2021, born on January 21st, 1994. A well-established Christian family from the Beverly Hills area of Los Angeles, California, United States, reared him. He is an American citizen and adheres to the Christian faith.

While growing up in Beverly Hills, California, his primary education was provided by a Local High School.

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His next step was to enroll in Beverly Hills, California, a private institution, where he eventually earned a bachelor’s degree. He’s been interested in acting and music since he was a kid, and he’s always wanted to work in the entertainment industry as an actor or musician.

Girlfriend & Family & Other Relationships

Booboo Stewart

Mr. Nils Allen Stewart, a professional stuntman, is Booboo Stewart’s father, and Mrs. Renee Stewart, a personal trainer, is Booboo Stewart’s mother.

Fivel Stewart, his younger sister, is an actress, while Maegan Renee Stewart and Sage Stewart are his two older sisters, respectively.

There is no record of Stewart being married. For the time being, he is single and unattached. Some of his previous relationships included those with well-known actors such as Meghan Trainor and Jodelle Ferland and singers such as Dianne Doan.

The Way You Look

Stewart has a great deal going for him when it comes to his looks. He has a muscular build that is reminiscent of an athlete’s, and his body dimensions are impressive.

He stands at the height of 5’8″ and weighs around 70 kg. His short, fashionable black hair pairs perfectly with his searing dark brown eyes, which are both stunning and intriguing.

How much money does Booboo Stewart have?

A recent estimate puts Booboo Stewart’s fortune at 4 million dollars.

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