Boruto: In a New Episode, Naruto and Kawaki Form a Special Bond


Boruto News: Naruto Uzumaki and Kawaki have created a particular friendship in the most recent episode of Boruto: Naruto Next Generations. With the previous episode digging into Kawaki’s past in depth, the anime’s first Vessel narrative has come to an end, and the series’ newest episode has now began the anime’s rendition of the Kawaki arc in its entirety.

Naruto fulfils his promise to Kawaki by taking him in and keeping an eye on him as he lives with the rest of the Uzumaki family for the first time in this arc.

In episode 193 of the anime, Naruto makes it a point to keep an eye on Kawaki while safeguarding him from Kara’s machinations.

Naruto had been warned by Shikamaru not to make this pass, but he accepts since Kawaki reminds him too much of his prior predicament of being enslaved by a power he didn’t want.

Boruto: Naruto and Kawaki Bond Revealed

Naruto officially introduces himself to Kawaki and tells him that when he wakes up after his botched escape in previous episodes, he would be taken under his wing. Kawaki rejects right away and even tries to run, but Naruto is still on the lookout for him.


He begins to recognise himself in the young Kawaki, since the Third Hokage gave him a chance when he was young, and he wishes to do the same for Kawaki. Naruto believes that by adopting Kawaki as a member of his family, he would be able to build a stronger bond with him in the future.

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Naruto understands Kawaki’s situation of being imprisoned by a power he can’t control and that is completely against his will, and there’s a sense that he seeks to help Kawaki in the same way he was helped years before. Kawaki’s harsher edges are already smoothing away, so it’s impossible to say how quickly he’ll progress.

It’ll be fascinating to watch where this small link takes the plot and how the tale unfolds.

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