Buju Banton Net Worth 2022: Age, Spouse, Children, and Other Affiliations (Bio)

Buju Banton


Buju Banton, real name Mark Anthony Myrie, is a Jamaican dancehall performer. One of Jamaican music’s most essential and well-respected musicians, he is well-known worldwide. Many worldwide musicians have cooperated with Banton, including the sons of Bob Marley and hip hop, Latin, and punk rock performers.

Net worth of Buju Banton

The estimated net worth for Buju Banton is $2 million. H is one of Jamaica’s wealthiest art sites.


Dedicated to Burro Banton, the deejay Myrie adored as an adolescent fan. Using Burro’s harsh, powerful delivery as inspiration, Buju developed his particular style. There were higglers (street vendors) and tile factory workers in Buju’s family; his mother was a street seller. He was the tiniest of a brood of fifteen, coming from a line of Maroons from Jamaica.

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Jamaica and Tamarac, Florida, United States, are Banton’s residences. He has a total of fifteen children.

When Buju was a kid, he used to go to the local dance halls and see his favorite performers play. He began toasting under Gargamel when he was just 12 years old, working with the Sweet Love and Rambo Mango sound systems.

Buju Banton

When fellow DJ Clement Irie introduced him to producer Robert Ffrench in 1986, his debut record, “The Ruler,” was released in 1987. Recording sessions with producers like Bunny Lee, Winston Riley, and Digital B resulted in this.

Net worth of Buju Banton

The predicted net worth of Buju Banton in 2022 is $2 million.

Stamina Daddy and Mr. Mention, the latter of which became the best-selling album in Jamaican history when it was released in 1992, were Banton’s first dancehall songs, released in 1987, before he became a household name in 1992. Bob Marley and the Wailers had previously held the record for the most No. 1 singles in Jamaica.

In 1993, after signing with Mercury Records, he released his debut album, Voice of Jamaica. ‘Til Shiloh and Inna Heights, the pivotal albums by Banton in the mid-1990s, show a more significant Rastafari influence in his music.

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