Chaney Jones Net Worth 2022- Kanye West’s New Girlfriend’s Wealth !

Chaney Jones


It’s estimated that Chaney Jones’ net worth is $27 million. Kanye West and Chaney Jones are currently dating. There are no words to express how much money Chaney Jones has spent getting plastic surgery to resemble Kim Kardashian. Ad Shoots and Business Ventures were the primary sources of income for Chaney Jones. At his Health and Fitness firm, Chaney Jones also provides mental health counseling.

How many cars does Chaney Jones own?

Chaney Jones Net Worth

Chaney has at least five high-end luxury automobiles. Jones just paid $280,000 for a brand-new Porsche 911. Additionally, Jones has a $400,000 Audi RS Q8. The following is a list of additional vehicles owned by Jones, along with information on their current market value.

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  • 700,000 dollars for the Mercedes-AMG GT
  • The Jaguar XF costs $125,000.
  • a $210,000 Range Rover Sport

Chaney House

A 9,000-square-foot mansion in New York City is the residence of Chaney . It cost Chaney $13 million to purchase this mansion in Beverly Hills, California.

Chaney Jones Age

Watches gifted by Kanye West to Chaney 

  • Jaquet Droz – $200,000 USD
  • Louis Vuitton – $125,000 USD
  • Breitling – $45,000 USD
  • Tiffany & Co. – $19,000 USD
  • Bremont – $15,000 USD

Chaney Jones News

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the net worth of Chaney ?

US actor Chaney has a net worth of $27 million.

How much money did Chaney spent on surgeries?

More than $800,000 was spent all on Jones’s plastic surgery.

When was Chaney Jones born?

On August 12th, 1997, Chaney was born.

What is Chaney Age?

24 years have passed since Chaney was born (DOB: 12th August 1997).

What is Chaney Height?

The height of Jones is 5′ 8″. (1.76 meters).

What is Chaney Weight?

Jones is a 121-pound athlete (55 Kg).

How many plastic surgeries did Chaney undergo?

Jones has had a total of ten surgeries on her face and body to remove her moles.

Where was Chaney born?

Jones was raised in Queens, New York, the borough that bears his name.

Does Jones have siblings?

Yes. Ryan Jones is Jones’ younger brother.

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