Charly Jordan Net Worth 2022: Age, Relationship Status, and More

Charly Jordan


DJ Charly Jordan, social media entrepreneur, model, and Tiktok star Charly Jordan is well-known and famous worldwide. The Tiktok Platform, where Charly posts videos in the categories of Lip-sync, Dancing, and Lifestyle, is the primary source of her fame.

Charly Jordan was always a sports-oriented individual who had no interest in the arts or entertainment. However, she began finding interest in such pursuits. From then, she wanted to give a chance to TikTok and demonstrate her ability.

The considerable following made it simpler for her to establish acquaintances with other prominent performers and other notable persons. Rory Kramer, Brendan North, and Zach Allia are just a few well-known photographers who have included her work in their portfolios. All of them are exceptional in the field of photography.


Charly Jordan has reached the age of 23. Her birthday is March 9th, and she was born in Las Vegas, Nevada, in 1999. Charly Jordan was born under the sign of the Pisces Zodiac. Her educational history shows that she is now enrolled in a high school in Los Angeles.

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She belongs to a mixed-race along with Christian faith and American nationality.

Family & Parents

Mrs. Jordan is Charly Jordan’s mother’s name, whereas Mr. Jordan is Charly Jordan’s father’s social media handle. A businessman is her father, and a homemaker is her mother. That’s the only publicly known information on them.

In addition, Charly Jordan has a family of her own. Since there are six children in the household, it’s a big one. There are two younger sisters and four younger brothers in the family, with her being the oldest.

In addition, Charly Jordan is the only member of the Jordan family to have used Tiktok and became renowned as a result of doing so.


Charly Jordan has a lovely demeanor and a stunning appearance that gives away the fact that she’s seeing someone. Robert Graham, a successful advertising entrepreneur, was her first love. However, for personal reasons, she later ended her relationship with Robert.

Later on, she began dating TikTok celebrity and social media influencer Tayler Holder, who is well-known worldwide. He has more than 18 million active followers on TikTok, the microblogging app. In addition, he had the opportunity to work on Brat and Dirt. Alvarado, Texas, is where he’s from. When you’re a “Hype House” member, you’re a part of something special. Sadly, Charly Jordan and Tayler Holder have broken up and are no longer together.

She’s now single. Therefore that’s the end of the story. However, her exceptional character traits and stunning good looks indicate that she will find another man to share her life with.

Physical Appearance & Height

Charly Jordan stands at the height of 5′ 9″. She is taller than most females in her age group, which is unusual. But she’s also a great actress because of her stunning looks, which she uses in both on- and off-screen roles. Aside from that, her measurements are 33-25-35 inches and a 7 in the United States, making her a healthy 60 kilograms.

In addition to her talent, she’s a pretty female TikTok celebrity. In addition to her blonde hair and brown eyes, she has a fair skin tone. Thus, her presence in public was enhanced by the sum of her physical assets.

Charly Jordan

Career: Charly Jordan

Charly Jordan was an accomplished athlete before joining the Tiktok team. Since she was a child, she has been a soccer player and has competed at the highest level. Her interest in the entertainment sector shifted due to her stunning looks and impressive talent.

When Tiktok initially appeared online, she decided to give it a go and sign up. After that, she began filming movies in various genres and quickly became well-known on the site.

She joined Instagram shortly after Tiktok and began posting there as well. Her Instagram account currently has a considerable following, and she’s pretty well-known.

Among other things, she is a well-known DJ and businesswoman and an accomplished model. Working with prominent companies like Forever 21, Revolve, and Pura Vida allowed her to learn from the best. As a result, she developed close relationships with some of the most prominent social media celebrities globally. In addition, she showcased photographic projects by Rory Kramer, Brendan North, and Zach Allia.

She’s now putting in a lot of effort to build her social media following. As a way to break into the film industry and enhance her entrepreneurial life, which is also a primary goal of hers.

Net Worth:

Charly Jordan has an estimated net worth of $10 million. As of 2022, it is anticipated that he will have a net worth of $2 million. After her fan base grows, it’s projected that she’ll earn more money in the future. As a result, one’s net worth should rise in the future.

In addition, she makes a good deal of money through her own business and social media platforms. Over 6 million active Tiktok followers and over 4 million followers on Tiktok follow her. In this case, the total is already 10 million. Aside from lucrative business collaborations and endorsement possibilities, she also receives sponsored articles and other ways to make money.

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