Choose or Die: Official Trailer Revealed By Netflix, Plot & Casting.

Choose or Die


The official trailer for Netflix’s Choose or Die has revealed its release date, plot, and cast. Netflix is releasing a new horror film shortly.

The streamer offers a wide range of entertainment, from family-friendly thrills to adult-only gore fests. The latest addition to this ever-expanding collection is Choose or Die.

Choose or Die

Simon Allen (The Watch) wrote the screenplay, in which a computer programmer goes on a sinister pursuit for financial gain. A long-time admirer of video-game-based horror, Netflix has long been a devotee.

Choosing Life or Death: Release date

Toby Meakins’ film Choose or Die, which will be released on April 15th, 2022, is directed by Meakins.

According to reports, an English-language edition is imminent. Film stars Asa Butterfield, Iola Evans, Joe Bolland, Eddie Marsan, and Robert Englund in the key roles, along with Kate Fleetwood and Ryan Gage. Choose or Die will be available in the following genres: Horror, Suspense, and Thriller.

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The cast and creators of Choose or Die

  • Isaac Iola Evans (Asa Butterfield) plays Kayla in the film.
  • Actor Eddie Marsan portrays Hal in the movie
  • In the Person of Robert Englund
  • As Laura, Ryan Gage plays Lance in the film.
  • Angela Griffin portrays Thea in the film.
  • Beck is played by Joe Bolland.

Plot: It’s either this or die.

In the 1980s, a teenage programmer launches a long-lost survival horror game and unleashes a secret curse that requires horrific decisions and consequences. fruit that is poisonous

When the programmer decided to engage in this time-honored game, she was hoping to earn $100,000. However, when terrible things start happening around her, she realises that money isn’t the primary focus of her quest at this time.

Her life is at stake if the game is ended and she is eliminated from contention.

Choose life or death: Trailer

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