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Chris Evans

Chris Evans News: Gather ’round, because it’s time to go into Chris Evans’ dating history for reasons that may or may not be related to the Selena Gomez allegations.

Chris is best known as Captain America, but he’s also known as Captain of Looking Amazing in a Cable Knit Sweater, and he’s been bachelor-ing his way about Hollywood for a long now. But! He’s had a bunch of public connections that you probably weren’t aware of, including with his number one celebrity crush. Let’s get this party started.

Rumors About Chris Evans and Selena Gomez

Chris Evans

Although there is considerable evidence to examine, Chris and Selena are now simply fanning fiction. For one thing, they were spotted together *twice* in early October, including once at a restaurant. Which is where, you know, dates come up every now and again. Chris also started following Selena on Instagram in 2015, and she has previously expressed interest in him. She acknowledged to Andy Cohen, “I kind of has a thing on Chris Evans.” Isn’t he a cutie? He’s very cute.”

Lizzo and Chris have been courting on social media, despite the fact that this is most likely fan fiction. It all started when Lizzo discovered she had accessed Chris’ Instagram DMs on TikTok:

THEN, in response to a fan’s question, “LIZZO HOW ARE THINGS WITH CHRIS EVANS KEEP US UPDATED BESTIE,” Lizzo shared their direct messages:

Chris and Lily were spotted spending time together in Summer 2020, but neither of them mentioned anything about their relationship. Lily said in an interview with Harper’s Bazaar UK that she “won’t disclose whether or not she is dating Captain America actor, Chris Evans,” and that she “won’t discuss whether or not she is dating Captain America star, Chris Evans.”

These two were everyone’s favorite couple for a short time, but they, unfortunately, did not last. “It’s kind of like I got my ideal seventh-grade boyfriend,” Jenny remarked after meeting Chris on the set of their film Gifted in 2016. We’ve been friends for a long time.” They split up in February 2017, but were photographed together again in October of the same year, flirting in front of the world on Twitter:

Jenny explained why they broke up again in a Vulture interview, “Chris is a very, very famous guy.” I sit at my window and extend a polite hello to passers-by. I have more freedom since I’m not Captain America. “I’m a cartoon most of the time.” She said, “This is what I needed to do to feel normal.” “I want to be alone.”

I’m not sure if this counts as DATING because they were only spotted out to dinner once, but whatever.

“I used to be passionately in love with Sandra Bullock when I was younger.” “Sandy B. was my lady,” he told Playboy.

Chris and Minka dated on and off during the mid-aughts, but it was clear that they weren’t meant to be.

After meeting in L.A.’s Soho House, Dianna and Chris supposedly dated for a brief period, however, their romance was not well publicized in the mid-aughts (rude).

They only dated for a few months, but that was enough time for them to walk the red carpet together at the Met Gala!

Isn’t this correct? Who knew who knew who? Chris and Jessica did, however, start dating in 2001 and were together until 2006. ” In the middle of the night, he had cut apart at least 24 roses of all colors and strewn the petals all over the room.

Kate and Chris are said to have dated after meeting on the shooting of their film The Newcomers in 2000.

It’s been fun, but before we leave…

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