Christmas Takes Flight: Where Should You Watch It and What Should You Know Before You Do?

Christmas Takes Flight


Christmas Takes FlightFor its viewers, CBS creates the most engaging and creative films, and their Christmas films do a fantastic job of livening up the holiday season. One such wonderful film is ‘Christmas Takes Flight,’ directed by the well-known Michael Robison. The narrative centres around a conflict between a tyrannical CEO and an attractive and clever pilot. The more time they spend together, the clearer it becomes that their feelings are growing stronger.

The video, which was shot on airline seats and has great performers, depicts sheer delight and the significance of the little things. If you’re interested in learning more about this Christmas film and where to see it, you’ve come to the perfect place. Let’s take a look at some of the most intriguing features of this lovely Christmas holiday film.

The Story of the Christmas Takes Flight

Jenny Beckett and Matt Connor, a nasty and grouchy CEO who buys Jenny’s family-owned local airport, engage on a Christmas war of wills, which keeps the audience enthralled until the very end. As part of his cost-cutting initiatives, Matt eliminates the airport’s unique holiday charity gift for neglected youngsters.

Jenny pushes the group to help preserve the event while unwittingly falling for the businessman, wanting to show Matt that the finest moments in life are worth every penny.

Christmas Takes Flight’s Cast

Christmas Takes Flight

The major characters in this film are played by Katie Lowes and Evan Williams. Katie is also a well-known voice actor and director, well recognised for her performances in the political drama Scandal on television. Even is a well-known Canadian actor and musician best recognised for his performances in the films Versailles and Escape Room.

Jenny, played by Katie Lowes, is a young mother and pilot who wants to save the Xmas charity event from being cancelled. Evan Williams is Matt Hensen, a harsh CEO who acquires Jenny’s private firm and shuts down the Festive function.

What Do You Want to Know About Christmas Takes Flight?

This Christmas holiday movie debuted at 8 p.m. Eastern time on December 19, 2021. The majority of the filming occurs in North America, particularly in Vancouver and Surrey. The first season of the programme began filming in July of this year and finished around the same time.

Because of its stunning surroundings, which ranges from a big coastal beach to spectacular hills and mountains, Vancouver is a well-known photographic destination. The area also provides regional tax benefits for artists and additional production studios, all of which contribute to its appeal as a filming location.

Where can you see this film?

Christmas Takes Flight is available on the Paramount and CBS platforms. The film is accessible on Paramount Plus, which premieres all freshly released series and films. Through a VPN, you may also view and enjoy this film on the CBS app or website. If you live in Canada, you may simply watch this film for free on the CBS platform.

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