Claudia Feliciano Net Worth 2022: How old is she? Is she married? Is she a mother?

Claudia Feliciano Net Worth 2022: How old is she? Is she married? Is she a mother?


Rapper and actress Claudia Feliciano (born June 24, 1987, as Claudia Alexandra Madriz Meza) is an American rapper and actress from San Jose, California. The tracks “Holy Shit” and “Drunk Love” by Feliciano have made him a household name. After appearing in the Queen of the South, she became a household name.

A woman with the name of Feliciano Date of Birth and Age

Claudia was born in San Jose, California, on June 24, 1987. Her birthday is on the 24th of June every year. As of the upcoming 24th of June, Feliciano will be 34 years old.

 It is important to know height and weight

Photos of Claudia appear to show a lady with a low height, as well. At 5’2″, she is one of the tallest people in the room (approx. 1.57 meters). Feliciano is also a 123-pound man (56 kgs).

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Unfortunately, there isn’t much information on Claudia’s early school experiences online. In Mexico, she went to high school. At addition, she immediately enrolled in San Diego Mesa College, where she studied to become a social worker after graduating high school. In order to pursue a musical career, she left San Diego Mesa College and never returned.

Parents and siblings of Claudia Feliciano

In San Jose, California, Claudia was born to her parents. The public does not know anything about her parents, and it’s also not clear if she has any siblings. In any event, we’ll keep Feliciano’s family updated as soon as we learn more about his parents, siblings, and other relatives.

The husband of Claudia Alexandra Feliciano

However, Claudia divorced from her first husband in 2008. The fact is that in 2017, she began seeing Julissa/ Juju. On July 10th, 2019, the two fell in love and announced their engagement on social media. Feliciano and Julissa have not yet exchanged wedding vows.

Along with this, Claudia and her future husband Julissa run the “daily days” YouTube channel together.

Claudia Feliciano is the daughter of Claudia Feliciano

In 2008, Claudia Feliciano married an unknown man. Drew Feliciano, the son of Feliciano’s ex-husband and ex-wife, is the only child of Feliciano and her ex-husband.

 Amount Owed

However, Claudia hasn’t stated her net worth. She is a low-key person who doesn’t want to draw attention to herself by flaunting her money in public. Feliciano, on the other hand, is estimated to be valued anything from $1 million to $5 million.

 South Carolina’s queen

Claudia Feliciano is most known for her role as Queen of the South in the film. He played Lil’ Traviesa/Lil’ T in Queen of the South as Feliciano, commonly known as Snow Tha Product.

List of Claudia Alexandra Felicia’s Film and Television Projects

Claudia Feliciano has been in a few films and television series since she began her career in the entertainment industry: Among the films in which Feliciano has appeared:

  • South Carolina’s Queen (2016)
  • Brothers and Sisters-in-law (2018)
  • Is Hannah’s Personality Disordered? (2012)

Music performed by Claudia Feliciano

Claudia Feliciano

  • Vol. 1 of Verbal Assault (2007)
  • Increasing Standards (2008)
  • Volume 2 of Verbal Assault (2009)
  • Go for it or Leave It (2010)
  • Volume One of Wake Ya Game Up’s first discography (2010)
  • Unusually little 0.5 (2011)
  • There are some good nights and some bad mornings (2012)
  • After-Haven 2: The Post-Party Reaction (2013)
  • Everything else will be revealed in due time (2015)
  • Boost Your Mood (2018)
  • Pt. 1…Halfway done! (2016)

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