Colin Mochrie Net Worth 2022: A Look Into The Personal Life And Career Of Actor

Colin Mochrie


Colin Mochrie is a well-known and popular Canadian actor, producer, and improvisational comedian. An Edinburgh native, Colin has been on both the British and American versions of Whose Line Is It Anyway?

Colin is well-known for his roles in several television episodes, movies, and stage productions.

Getting Along Famously and She’s the Mayor, both Canadian comedies in which Mochrie appeared, were written and produced by her in addition to appearing in them.

Daughter of Colin

Kinley Mochrie is the daughter of Coline Mochrie and her husband, David. Kinley was born to Colin and Debra Mochrie on September 3, 1990. She was born in Toronto, Ontario, Canada, and grew up in the city.

Like her parents, Kinley is a well-known Canadian actress best known for the 2012 films To Boldly Free and Suburban Kingshts (2011).

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Kinley is transgender; Colin tweeted once with her mother’s consent.

Is this your wife, Colin ?

Collin is happily married right now. He tied the knot with Debra McGrath and moved to Toronto with her.

On January 8, 1989, the two birds of prey tied the knot and have been happily married ever since.

Debra McGrath, a Toronto-born actress, and comedian, are one of the business’s best.

Salary and Assets

Colin has amassed a substantial net worth of $5 million due to his success as a multi-faceted actor and his diverse range of projects.

Age and life story

This year marks Colin’s 64th birthday. His zodiac sign is Sagittarius, and he was born in November of that year.

Colin Mochrie

A Quick Guide to Colin Mochrie13333

Q.1: Who is Colin Mochrie, exactly?

Colin Mochrie, a Canadian actor and comedian of Scottish descent was born in Toronto.

Q.2: Colin Mochrie’s daughter is named after whom?

Kinley Mochrie is Kinley Mochrie’s father.

Q.3 Who is the wife of Mochrie?

Debra McGrath is Colin Mochrie’s wife, to be exact.

Q.4 What is Mochrie’s current age?

He is presently 64 years of age.

Q.5: Do Mochrie and Ryan Stiles still hang out together? 

Ans. They are, in fact, best friends in real life.

Q.6: Which Line is still home to Mochrie?

Ans. Whose Line ended in 1988, although Mochrie remained on the show until then.

Q.7: What is Mochrie’s estimated net worth?

Because he is worth $5 million, Mochrie is quite wealthy.

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