Criminal Minds Seasons to Stream Online? Is it available on Netflix, Prime, HBO, or other services?

Criminal Minds


After fifteen seasons, CBS’s police procedural show Criminal Minds has come to an end (and a video game and a South Korean version).

The series’ main character is the Behavioral Analysis Unit, which is part of the FBI. Almost every episode revolves on unknown topics, popularly known as unsubs (short for unknown subjects). In comparison to previous series in the category, Perpetrator Minds seeks to focus more on the criminal than the crime itself.

They employ behavioural analysis and profiling abilities, as well as their personal problems, to complete their investigations as a team from Quantico, Virginia. While the show is mostly about criminological analysis, it also explores the lives of criminal professionals and the obstacles they encounter.

Despite the fact that the cast of Criminal Minds has changed throughout time, the programme has retained a devoted following. Throughout the show’s 15-season run, performers like Joe Mantegna and Thomas Gibson have resurrected their careers, while other popular television stars like Aisha Tyler have regularly featured as recurrent roles. Now that the show’s run has concluded, you may watch it online or buy it.

Is there a Paramount+ version of Criminal Minds?

For those who want to re-start or start the series, there are several choices accessible online. Some sites may not stream the entire season, only a few episodes, which might be a source of concern.

The CBS streaming service, Paramount+, is the best location to enjoy the whole CBS experience. In addition to the nearly 300 episodes, Criminal Minds will have behind-the-scenes and supplementary material available on the streaming site.

Is there a Netflix version of Criminal Minds?

Netflix has all 12 seasons of Criminal Minds available to watch. Criminal Minds episodes were first made accessible on Netflix when they were first aired in theatres, however after season 12, Netflix unexpectedly ceased making them available. Following the cancellation of Hawaii-Five-O on Netflix, some have speculated that other CBS series, such as Criminal Minds, may be affected in the same way.

Is there a DirecTV version?

Criminal Minds

Netflix looks to be even more constrained than DirecTV, with the American direct broadcast satellite service only streaming the first seven seasons. There does not appear to be any more seasons planned.

Is there a Hulu version?

Three seasons of Crime Minds are accessible on Hulu: thirteen, fourteen, and fifteen. For those who want to start from the beginning, there are no starting points in the series.

Where Can I Download Criminal Minds Episodes?

Several providers also offer the option of purchasing the complete series.

Among them are Vudu, Apple TV, Amazon Prime, Fandango, and Google Play. The typical season pricing ranges from $23 to $25, although Google Play sells some of the seasons for as little as $16.99 to $19.99.

Criminal Minds: Suspect Behavior is available to watch in the United States.

Criminal Minds: Suspect Behavior only lasted 13 episodes despite a star-studded ensemble that included Oscar winner Forest Whitaker, Janeane Garafalo, and a pre-Constantine Matt Ryan. The sitcom was cancelled by CBS due to low ratings.

Even if the series has been criticised by reviewers and public alike, Criminal Minds aficionados will still want to see it. Hulu, Apple TV, and Amazon Prime are among the streaming and purchase alternatives available to American consumers.

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