CUE! Anime: What Should You Know If You’re Waiting For CUE!?

CUE! Anime: What Should You Know If You’re Waiting For CUE!?


CUE: This is a forthcoming anime television series. And, at the moment, anime programmes are in high demand since people like watching them, and many of them have come up with excellent storylines, and some have even turned into fantastic video games.

The popularity of anime series has led to the production of many more, and the more they are loved, the more series follow suit, and it’s no wonder that the audience for these programmes is now assessed on a worldwide scale, something that every show desires to achieve.

So, if you’re a fan of these shows, you’ve come to the proper spot to learn all you need to know before viewing them.

CUE – Recent Changes

CUE: We like to keep you informed so you don’t miss out on something you’ll later regret. The series’ announcement was accompanied by a promotional film, which also included the release date. In the year 2022, the audience will be able to see the show. In addition, the show is based on a video game.

Who’s Who in CUE’s Contributors

Shin Katagai is in charge of the show’s direction. As the script supervisor, Tatsuhiko is now working on bringing up additional series. Motohiro Taniguchi is in charge of the character designs. Ryosuke Nakanishi will provide the show’s musical accompaniment.

How closely would it resemble the game?


CUE’s voice actors will reprise their roles for the programme. The female cast for the programme includes Yurina Uchiayam, Satsuki Miyahara, Saki Matsuda, Megumi Yamaguchi, and Hina Tachibana. Rio Tsuchiya, Yuuna Ogata, Yukari Anzai, and Ami Komine provide the voices for the characters.

HarunaMitsuishi is the main character of the programme. She keeps track of the voice acting crew in order to stay up with her ambitions.

CUE: The goal of the game is to give the actors different voices. In addition, the player would be able to train 16 of these actors. It was published in Japan in the year 2019. Liber Entertainment teamed with Pony Canyon as the game’s official producer.

CUE was created with the intention of causing no problems for iOS and Android users. However, the game is currently in sleep mode as the firm works to improve the gamers’ experience. The company’s temporary shutdown disappointed fans, but we’re confident that the game will return in a lot better state than before.

Aside from voice acting, the characters would be able to write and record their own songs, which would be available on the game’s official website. We hope you’re as enthusiastic for the event as we are, and we look forward to hearing from you soon.

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