Cursed Season 2 Netflix: Why was this cancelled after only one season?

Cursed Season 2


Cursed Season 2 Updates: Cursed has always been able to attract the attention of fans. The popular series has always received a lot of love and support from its fans. The plot is based on the life of Arthur, according to mythology. The bad news, on the other hand, can make fans unhappy. So, here’s all you need to know about Cursed Season 2 if you’re a fan.

Reasons behind cancellation for season 2

Despite its popularity, though, the series is about to come to an end. The series has been cancelled for the upcoming season on Netflix. The 10-episode series will be available to stream in July 2020. However, they soon discovered that there was no more information regarding the series.

Cursed Season 2

Fans have been waiting for an update on the series for over a year and have yet to receive it. Many more Netflix programmes have recently been cancelled, and curse is now among them. The series has been cursed for the upcoming season, as the title suggests. The fantasy series set in the Middle Ages has come to a conclusion.

What’s the storyline of the Cursed Season 2?

The series is based on the Frank Miller and Tom Wheeler novel of the same name. The plot revolves around the life of a lady from Arthurian legend. Nimue is played by Katherine Langford, who plays the cursed heroine. However, it was eventually discovered that she is the superior magical woman of the lake.

Nimue grows powerful after various twists and turns. She also became a symbol of force and strength in the struggle against the Red Paladins. The Red Paladins are a violent group of individuals who oppose magic. They aim to extinguish the village’s enchantment. The series contains a wide range of themes, including love, courage, faith, and many others.

Reviews were not as expected

The series’ main concept, on the other hand, was unique and novel. However, it fell short of the expectations of both viewers and producers. That is the primary cause for the series’ cancellation. The series did not appeal to viewers.

The series received only 67 percent approval ratings and a 53 percent audience rating. Furthermore, the pandemic is a factor, and Netflix has a big number of projects ready for release. In comparison to other programmes, cursed may have a lower chance for attracting a large audience. Due to its inability to attract a larger audience despite a compelling premise and widespread popularity, the series has been cancelled after only one season.

However, following the news, supporters began a campaign to preserve the series from being cancelled. Perhaps a sequel novel will be released to continue the plot. Whatever happens, fans can find out everything they need to know about the series right here.

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