Dakota Johnson Wears a Black Bikini While Relaxing With Chris Martin And His Son!

Dakota Johnson

Dakota Johnson and Chris Martin were pictured on a trip together. It’s the New Year, and many of our celebs have vacation plans that include a trip to the beach. We’ve seen how some celebs like to stay at home while others want to get out.

Some will celebrate with their lover or husband, while others will be happy to be alone. We do know the names of certain celebs who are wearing their bikini avatar when it comes to New Year’s Eve celebrations near the beach. Dakota Johnson is one of them.

Dakota Johnson, an American actress, has opted to spend her time with Chris Martin, her long-term lover. The 32-year-old actress was photographed spending time with her partner Chris and his kid Moses. She was dressed in a black bikini and wearing this look.

She was spotted with Martin amid the blue waters. Moses, on the other hand, was spotted with her father executing some pretend boxing stances. They appeared to be a complete family. She was photographed with her hair down and afterwards wore a hat to shield herself from the sun.

She subsequently changed her clothing and was spotted wearing a blue transparent top with a buttoned up front. She was displaying her toned body and thighs when she decided to take a break from the sun.

Dakota Johnson With Chris Martin and His Son!

Dakota Johnson

Dakota Johnson and Chris Martin were not spotted together for the first time. They’ve also been spotted at an award ceremony or while on vacation. The couple began dating in 2017 and has now been together for over four years.

Dakota and Coldplay’s vocalist, as well as his children, have a strong relationship. She makes every effort to spend time with them. They’ve always kept their relationship private and wish to keep it that way.

Dakota Johnson discussed her relationship with Chris in an interview on December 30th, revealing that she prefers to keep things low-key and secret. They are both quite busy with their jobs, so they don’t have much time to spend together. As a result, they attempt to stay at home and enjoy privacy.

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They also dislike going outside since they believe that their house is the most comfortable place to be. Dakota further claimed that the majority of the gatherings she and Martin throw are held at their house. The pair is now residing in Malibu, California.

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