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Damon Diamond


Founded on May 20, 1996, Damon Diamond is an American YouTuber with a net worth of $1 million. He made his YouTube debut in December of last year. His Liven Family YouTube channel, which he runs with his wife and kid, is undoubtedly his most well-known work as a video provider. Thanks to their vlog and challenge videos on the network, a large following has been built up. This 25-year-old American actress and singer are no longer in a committed relationship. As a YouTube sensation, he became a household name. One of his most popular YouTube videos is a gender-disclosure video.

Infancy and Childhood

May is the month in which Damon Diamond was born. According to several reports, he is one of the most popular YouTube stars in the United States. On May 20, 1996, several well-known people were born. He’s one of America’s richest YouTube stars.

Life at Home

Damon Diamond’s personal life and relationships have been revealed to us. His kid, diamondliven, has appeared on his Instagram page. Additionally, he and his brother Cole LaBrant help administer their family’s YouTube vlog channels. In addition, we learned a few things regarding Damon Diamond’s connections to the entertainment industry.

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A person’s total wealth

Damon Diamond will be worth $1 million in 2022. Ads on YouTube generate the majority of his revenue.

The Life and Times of Damon Diamond

In his early twenties, Damon Diamond began his career as a content developer. He started posting videos on TikTok, where he quickly became well-known and well-liked worldwide. In 2018, he established a YouTube channel called Liven Family, which became a massive hit in a few months. He began filming comedic movies about the things he regularly did. He continued to post videos to TikTok using YouTube. Damon presently has 4 million TikTok followers as a result of this.

Damon Diamond

Having over 150k subscribers on YouTube has motivated Damon to keep creating videos. He often publishes videos on his channel. The video in which he disclosed the gender of his first kid has garnered the most likes and views. Many people follow Damon on social media as well.


Damon Diamond has not provided any information about his educational background. Most of his childhood is likewise a mystery. Once he graduated from high school, he began shooting short films. While being a well-known social media figure, Damon prefers to avoid the limelight and lead a quiet life.


Damon Diamond has developed tremendously as a person over the past few years. As of 2018, he has produced some of the best YouTube videos of the past four years. Damon has had a remarkable career thus far. Many of his fans and subscribers can be found on his various social media profiles, where he has amassed tens of thousands of admirers and followers.

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