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Updates on All American Season 3: All American’s third season is now accessible on Netflix, introducing religious fans to Spencer, Coop, and the rest of the new CW drama cast. Near the end of the season, fans were left with a slew of unresolved questions, including whether or not there was a single survivor.

In the fourth episode of The Walking Dead, Darnell Hayes made a surprising discovery. We’re all wondering why Darnell has vanished. When are you going to return?

Darnell makes his second appearance as a quarterback in season 2 at South Crenshaw High School. Spencer’s sibling is discovered to be him, a son from their father’s unusual relationship. Darnell and Spencer did not dispute until the second season’s apex, albeit they reconciled before their father’s death.

Darnell was on the verge of moving home with his mother in Germany when his father died, but he decided to stay as a stand-in. For the third season, Darnell and Spencer will play football together.

Darnell is vying for the starting quarterback position on the South Crenshaw football team. Darnell had to miss four episodes this season due to his mother’s injuries sustained while serving in the military.

It’s difficult to say whether Darnell will return to All American after such an open exit. Here’s what we know about Darnell’s departure, including whether or not he’ll ever return.

All American Season 3

All American Season 3 More Details

Darnell’s resignation from All American is revealed to be the result of actor Da’Vinchi’s real-life employment. For the adjacent Black Mafia Family, he has signed a brand new Starz address.

According to ScreenRant, the show is being filmed at the same time as the third season of All American, and this is the reason for the actor’s surprise departure from the show. You’ll also be featured in a Broadway production.

Because Darnell is no longer involved in the murdering spree on display, Da’Vinchi’s personality may desire to return to America. In an interview with MEEAW, the actor believes there’s a good chance he’ll be back. “Now, I don’t say much, but Darnell is here to stay.” He stated that he would do it for as long as he could and that he would not compete for other employment.

Darnell, on the other hand, may go all the way back to the fourth season of All American. Perhaps you’ll appear in the next spin-off?

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