Delonte West Net Worth: West’s Biography, Early Years, and Career Earnings: The Complete List!

Delonte West


Former NBA player Delton West has a $1,000 net worth. Delonte West’s tragic downfall after retirement is one of the most tragic examples of a former professional athlete’s life falling apart. Although he earned more than $14 million in compensation during his career, later he was found to be dealing with drugs and other problems.

As a child

Delonte “Delonte” West was born on July 26th, 1983 in Washington, DC. It was during his time at St. Joseph’s University in Philadelphia that he earned both his undergraduate and graduate degrees. While at St. Joseph’s, Delonte and Jameer Nelson formed the best backcourt in the country.

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In the 2004 NCAA Tournament, Saint Joseph’s University advanced to the Elite Eight thanks to West’s efforts.

The 24th overall pick in the NBA Draft, the Boston Celtics chose West. Since then, he has been playing professionally. In his first season with the team, he only played in 39 games because of injuries.

Delonte West was promoted to the starting lineup following his rookie season and will serve as the team’s primary point guard in 2005-06. West was promoted to shooting guard for the 2006-07 season. As for Delonte West, things didn’t go his way in the early going, and he was forced to play point guard instead of centre.

As part of a three-team deal involving the Los Angeles Lakers and the Seattle Supersonics, West was traded to the Cleveland Cavaliers in early 2008. West scored a season-high 20 points against the Boston Celtics just six days after being traded to the Cleveland Cavaliers.

The Cavaliers paid West $12.7 million over the course of a three-year deal in late 2008. West is the team’s second option as a shooting guard and backup point guard.

Delonte West’s rise to prominence in the NBA came after he emerged as a highly skilled backcourt defender and an excellent outside shooter. After that, the Cleveland Cavaliers traded West to the Minnesota Timberwolves, but his time with the team was also short-lived. As Rajon Rondo’s backup point guard, West re-signed with the Boston Celtics in late 2010 for a one-year deal.

After the defendant pleaded guilty to weapons-related charges, all communication was cut off. Dallas Mavericks signed Delonte to a two-year contract in 2011 and 2012. After that, he spent some time playing in other countries.

Problems in both the Personal and Financial realm

Delonte West has struggled with personal and financial issues throughout his life and career despite earning $14 million in compensation (before taxes and fees). To make ends meet, he had to sell his valuables and multiple cars during the NBA lockout; the Mavericks locker room was supposed to be that place. To make ends meet, he also applied for a temporary position at Home Depot during this time period. According to reports, West’s divorce and legal fees have cost him a fortune.

Delonte West

In August of this year, Delonte West was spotted in a photograph that appeared to show that he was living on the streets. This man was recently seen in an unshod and undressed state wandering around an empty fast food parking lot.

According to police reports, Delonte West was spotted panhandling on a Dallas street in September 2020. Then Mavericks owner Mark Cuban came to West’s rescue, rescuing him from the streets. Mark escorted West to a drug treatment facility. At first glance, Delonte’s fortunes appeared to be improving. Reunited with his family and working at a rehabilitation centre, he was back on the right track.

In October of 2021, Delonte was wrongfully arrested in Florida.

Age Weight and Height

At the time of this event, Delonte West, who was born on July 26, 1983, is expected to be 38 years old. His 1.91 m and 82 kg put him in the category of tall and imposing.

Accolades and Recognition

Until 2004, he has only been recognised by the NCAA as a member of the All-American team. On the other hand, his talents are widely acknowledged.

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