Derynn Paige Net Worth 2022: Do we Know the Real-Life Earnings of the Star of ‘Double Shot at Love,’?

Derynn Paige Net Worth 2022: Do we Know the Real-Life Earnings of the Star of ‘Double Shot at Love,’?


On MTV’s Double Shot at Love, Pauly DelVecchio’s ex-girlfriend Derynn Paige was paired up with the Jersey Shore star. Beyond her work on television, Paige is a company owner and social media influencer. Paige’s net worth in 2021 will be discussed.

The Double Shot at Love’s Pauly DelVecchio dated Derynn Paige.

During the first season of Double Shot at Love, Paige competed for DJ Pauly D’s affections. Paige and DelVecchio were inseparable for the duration of the season. But Paige wasn’t the only lady who had a crush on the DJ. Paige’s strongest rival on the programme was Nikki Hall.

Paige and Hall were the only two remaining contestants when the finals rolled around. DelVecchio surprised everyone by sending both women home and deciding to “roll solo” for now.

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In the second season of Double Shot at Love, both women appeared. In the second season, their competition was less intense because they were no longer romantically involved with their ex-boyfriends and ex-girlfriends in Las Vegas. Hall was still fixated on DelVecchio, but Paige had shifted her attention elsewhere.

On ‘Double Shot at Love,’ Derynn Paige dated a stripper.

Derynn Paige met Ricky Rogers, a friend and colleague of Vinny Guadagnino’s, in season 2 of Double Shot at Love. He and Paige, better known by his stage moniker “Pretty Ricky,” clicked right away. Rogers and Paige ultimately put their differences aside and went on a date, despite the fact that Rogers was unable to perform in the bedroom.

Rogers proposed to Paige at the end of season two. He stated a desire for a long-distance relationship and reassured Paige that his work would not interfere with his commitment to her. Paige was relieved. Although she acknowledged she was interested, they were unable to make it work out.

Paige’s lingerie firm is called Derynn Paige

As an undergraduate, Paige studied economics and psychology at Rutgers University before breaking into the world of television. In her final year of college, she launched a tiny online T-shirt business. Goddess of Easton, an online shop that sells lingerie, loungewear, and intimates, is now the shop of choice.

Women in the Right Direction is what Paige’s company website says the term Goddess of Easton stands for. Paige stayed on Easton Avenue while attending Rutgers University. Because of the success she had with Double Shot at Love, Paige has been able to grow Goddess of Easton and keep bringing new designs to her followers.

Derynn Paige

The Net Worth of Derynn Paige

Derynn Paige isn’t just a TV star and owner of a lingerie company; she also has a number of other lucrative businesses. Many of her Double Shot at Love co-stars are Instagram influencers, and Paige is no different. She promotes a variety of products.

Aside from Patreon, where she receives a monthly fee for providing exclusive material, Paige also makes money through other means. Paying $63 for a custom-made video clip from Paige is also available on Cameo. She is also a spokesperson for Weight Watchers.

It is believed that Paige’s net worth is in the neighbourhood of $1 million. Her Double Shot at Love co-star Hall’s net worth is reported to be $230,000.

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