DeShawn Snow Net Worth 2022: How She Became One of the Richest TV Personality in the World

DeShawn Snow


DeShawn Snow is a TV personality and former NFL player. She was married to Eric Snow, who was also a professional football player. They divorced in 2007 after ten years of marriage. DeShawn Snow has since built a successful television career on his own. She currently stars as an anchor on the Fox Sports show “TBD.” Her ex-husband, Eric Snow, has since retired from the NFL and now has a net worth of $10 million.

In the fashion world, a select few manage to break through and become household names. DeShawn Snow is one such name. Though she didn’t come from a privileged background, she worked hard to make a name for herself in the industry. She is now known for her innovative designs and daring fashions.

Net worth:

DeShawn Snow has an estimated net worth of $500,000. This is mainly due to her career as a model and actress. She has been featured in magazines such as Vogue, Glamour, and Elle and has appeared in television shows such as ER and CSI: Miami. Snow also does public speaking engagements, which add to her income.

Previous marriages:

DeShawn Snow has been married twice before. Her first marriage was to Eric Snow; They divorced after two years of marriage. Her second marriage was to businessman Jeff Burkhart. That marriage lasted for six years, and they also had a daughter together. After their divorce, she dated NFL player Brian Urlacher for two years. In February 2017, DeShawn announced her engagement to pastor Jay Austin.

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DeShawn Snow is best known for her work as a TV personality. She has also worked as a model and actress in the past. Eric Snow, best known as a television personality and former NFL quarterback, is also the ex-husband of DeShawn Snow. The two divorced in 2001, and since then, Eric has built a successful career on his own. However, despite his success, DeShawn’s net worth is considerably lower than her ex-husband’s. In 2016, Forbes estimated DeShawn’s net worth at $4 million, significantly less than Eric’s reported $13 million net worth.

DeShawn Snow

Education: DeShawn Snow attended the University of Miami, where she studied broadcast journalism.

Education is critical in our society. A good education can open doors for people that would have otherwise been closed. DeShawn Snow is a perfect example of this. She attended the University of Miami, where she studied broadcast journalism. This gave her the skills she needed to start her own successful business. Her business, D’Snow Productions, provides video production services to companies and organizations all over the country.


Is Eric Snow still married to DeShawn?

Ans: However, DeShawn’s reputation was permanently tarnished despite his brief appearance on RHOA back in 2008. She divorced her spouse of 12 years, Eric, in 2010 after they had three children together.

Where does DeShawn Snow live now?

Ans: On occasion, the 45-year-old still gets in touch with her former castmates, but she prefers to keep in touch with NeNe, whom she recently spoke to a few months ago and supported during her husband Gregg’s cancer battle.

What does Eric Snow do now?

Ans: The Milwaukee Bucks selected Eric Snow in the first round of the 1995 NBA Draft. He was a former member of the Cleveland Cavaliers and other clubs. NBA-TV has hired him as a commentator for the network.

How much did DeShawn raise?

Ans: I was disappointed that I could not raise $1 million for my daughters. However, we were able to raise close to $30,000 and break even when all the cheques were received. In addition, I received several offers to raise money for me and donate money from others who saw the performance.

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