Dexter New Blood Episode 7: Here’s all you need to know.

Dexter New Blood Episode 7


Dexter New Blood Episode 7, a crime drama mystery created by Clyde Phillips, is based on Jeff Lindsay’s Dexter books and is essentially a continuation of the earlier series Dexter. In November of this year, it was published, with Michael C. Hall and Jennifer Carpenter reprising their roles as Dexter and Debra, respectively, from the previous season.

The show was produced by Adam Brightman and Judson Schwartz, with Clyde Phillips, Marcos Siega, Sara Colleton, Scott Reynolds, Bill Carraro, Michael C. Hall, and John Goldwyn serving as executive producers. With 10 episodes left to air, the programme is on the verge of being cancelled, and it will be intriguing to watch how it ends.

Dexter New Blood Episode 7 recap

Dexter New Blood Episode 7 shows the main character arriving at the caverns and tells Angela that Iris was alive at the time she was buried. Dexter discovers a bit of skin in between the teeth of the corpse, but assures Angela that the evidence will be of little use because it has been exposed to the environment for over 25 years.

He then has a discussion with Conscience Debra about the murder of Kurt, who suggests that it may be him. Meanwhile, Harrison discovers that Audrey is avoiding him at school because of his aggressive behaviour. Kurt’s DNA sample, on the other hand, matched more than 50% of the samples gathered from the caverns, showing him to be the killer of Iris.

Dexter New Blood Episode 7

What Happens at the Dexter New Blood Episode 7?

Dexter was observed intervening in a fight between Harrison and the friends of the child he had hurt, and attempting to communicate with his son. However, problems arose once more, and Harrison departed. We observe an unknown man beating Dexter from behind near the conclusion of the episode, the same man who gave money to Harrison to fulfil his duty and, in the end, delivers him the letter for Dexter, which included a titanium screw.

Elric Kane, the unidentified individual, is most likely a serial murderer. While searching through Kurt’s office, Dexter comes upon a similar package that was presented to him, but this time it contains a $5000 check for Elric Kane. This leads to the conclusion that Kurt had hired a killer to assassinate Dexter in order to revenge his son’s death.

Who was responsible for the Trinity Killer’s death?

Dexter New Blood Episode 7: According to the original series season 4 finale, Dexter was the one who killed the Trinity killer, a.k.a. Arthur Mitchell. Dexter sedates him first before transporting him to the fallout bunker, where he holds the abducted youngster.

The killer argues that killing people is not something he enjoys and that God has sent Dexter to stop him. Dexter leaves the scene after collecting his blood sample, but when he returns home, he discovers Rita dead in the bathtub, with her son Harrison sitting in the pool of her blood.

Is Harrison able to recall what happened to his mother?

Dexter New Blood Episode 7: In the eighth episode, it was revealed that Harrison has a recollection of what happened to his mother and frequently has dreams about it. After killing Rita, Arthur phones Harrison and tells him that his father would be home soon, leading Harrison to feel that his father understands what is wrong with him. Harrison fled the scene upset before Dexter could clarify the air.

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