Dirty John Season 3: Release Date, Cast, Synopsis, Trailer, and MORE

Dirty John Season 3

Dirty John Season 3 Updates: The programme is based on Christopher Goffard’s podcast of the same name, which aired on Bravo on November 25, 2018. The programme premiered on Netflix on February 14th, 2019. The programme earned generally excellent reviews from reviewers as well as award nominations.

Set against the background of Southern California, the play depicts the concept of love gone bad. Each season follows a relationship from its hopeful beginning to its tragic conclusion, posing the question of whether it is possible to truly know someone, even the one one loves the most.

Dirty John Season 3

The series seeks to educate viewers that there are two sides to every storey, that individuals aren’t always who they appear, by delving into the complexities and reframing the narratives of well-known incidents.

Debra Newell is played by Connie Britton.
John Meehan is played by Eric Bana.
Veronica Newell is played by Juno Temple.
Terra Newell is played by Julia Garner.
Arlene Hart is played by Jean Smart.
Nancy is played by Keiko Agena.
Trey is played by Jake Abel.
Toby Sellers is played by Kevin Zegers.
Michael O’Neil is played by Jeff Perry.
Celia is played by Vanessa Martinez.
Verga is played by Judy Reyes.
Bobby Sprague Grayden is played by Joe Tippett, while Tonia Sells is played by Tonia Sells.
Ruth is played by Lindsey Kraft.
Dwight is played by John Getz, while Denise Meehan-Shephard is played by Joelle Carter.

All About Dirty John Season 3

Betty Broderick is played by Amanda Peet.
Dan Broderick is played by Christian Slater.
Linda Kolkena is played by Rachel Keller.
Tracy Broderick is played by Lili Donoghue.
Karen Kintner is played by Missi Pyle.
Marie Stewart is played by Emily Bergl.
Evelyn Crowley is played by Holley Fain.
Janet Ravis is played by Lena Georgas.
Yvonne Newsome is played by Joelle Carter.

The programme has not been renewed for a third season, although given its popularity among Netflix fans, it is possible that it may be renewed in the future. If the programme is renewed for a third season, it might premiere as early as 2022, according to the previous season’s timetable.

According to an interview with the Hollywood Reporter, showrunner Alexandra Cunningham stated that the third season might contain a narrative about a family member’s love gone awry rather than a couple.

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