Doctor Who Season 14 Latest Updates: Release Date Is Officially Confirmed

Doctor Who Season 14


Doctor Who Season 14 Latest Updates: Doctor Who is getting renewed for its 14 Season? Will there be Doctor Who Season 14? After watching the 13 seasons of the TV series, the fans have been dealing with such types of questions. While the 13 seasons have tried to make their season the finale, there were some of the aspects that were lacing behind.

The cliffhanger of the “Flux” has surely resolved all the doubt from the head of the viewers, but there were again some of the things that were left on the uncertain note. After watching the 13 seasons, the fans are confused regarding the Time Lord.

Every new season is ending on a cliffhanger and that gives enough evidence to the viewers that something is coming on the way. Before the airing of the latest series, there was curiosity regarding  Jodie Whittaker’s Flux storyline. Now, it’s been finally concluded but there is still the Time Lord and his storey remains unsolved.

Having said this, are the fans of the series hoping to see the next chapter on the line? It’s been more than a decade since the TV series and the fans are loving all the progressive nature. Doctor Who is one of the most lovable series that is praised by both the audience and the Critics.

The popularity of the series can be concluded through the number of seasons it has released. With the finale episode being finalised, is there any hope for the show to return back?

Every fan is positive towards the continuity of the series and that’s the reason why everyone is getting no excited about the show itself. In this article, we’ll be talking about Doctor Who Season 14 in detail.

Doctor Who Season 14: Is it Confirmed?

As for now, there has been tonnes of news that needs to be put in front of you guys so that it can become clearer. So far, there has been one thing confirmed and that is, a special episode is on the way.

Doctor Who, the series is already having its final adieu to Jodie Whittaker. In July 2021, after the release of Doctor Who Season 13, the star revealed that she would be getting her last episode with the series. The writers have tried their best to keep her final episode clearer. After her scene gets clear, the show gets wrapped up.

However, there have been updates that a special episode for Doctor Who fans is awaiting in the new Year.

The BBC has revealed that “Eve of the Daleks” is on the way to release on 1 January 2022.

Doctor Who Season 14

Fortunately, Russell T. Davies, the showrunner of the long-running TV show, has recently confirmed that Doctor Who Season 14 is indeed going to happen. In the statement, he announced that the series is regenerating and getting all new renewal and look after the end of the 13 seasons.

Doctor Who Season 14 will be following the Time Lord storey and will guide the audience through it. Chris Chibnall and Whittaker, both the important stars of Doctor Franchise have reported being leaving the show. Now, it would be a big task for the officials to keep the same interest of the audience like it was earlier.

Doctor Who Season 14: When is it going to Released?

After the confirmation made by the BBC, it was revealed that the series is getting reborn after the reboot happens in 2013. It’s been more than a decade since the show stepped in. Sadly, Chris Chibnall and Whittaker have left the show in the finale season but the writers have managed to keep their storey on a good note.

Earlier the release date for Doctor Who Season 14 is not clear. The confirmation has recently come in and it would take a while for the officials to release the show.

However, in the recent interview, it was made clear that the show has already written the script. The storey is already written and there will be a lot of things that would surprise the viewers.

Also, the release date of Doctor Who Season 14 is confirmed to be November 2023.

In an open conversation, the showrunners confirmed that Doctor Who Season 14 will make its big entry on the “60th Anniversary of the show”

“I’ve already written some of the episodes. The first will go out in November 2023 – that’s the 60th anniversary of the show.”

January 1, 2022: “The Eve of the Daleks,” New Year’s Day Special.

Early 2022 Special, release date TBA.

Late 2022 Special, Jodie Whittaker’s farewell. Release date TBA.

Doctor Who Season 14: Who will be back in the Show?

The major question lies here. Since the officials have already revealed much about the show and indicated that there will be more episodes on the way, fans are desperate to know if Jodie Whittaker, the main protagonist of the show will make her big return or not.

On an open note, the star has revealed that he will be taking a bog break from the series itself. This concludes that she will not indulge in the future season of the series.

However, the recent news reported that the upcoming episodes which are termed as “Special Episode” will see a big return in the series.

Doctor Who Season 14 – There is already a lot of confusion about the role of Doctor Who. However, there are several speculations for Michael Sheen to play the main lead.

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After confessing this to her, the stars said,  “I must say I’m very flattered that there’s been a lot of people, particularly Doctor Who fans, who have said they would like to see me as Doctor Who. That’s incredibly flattering.

Welshman further said, “I have to say – none of those people works on Doctor Who. So I have not heard from them. I would be very surprised if, when the Doctor transforms, it is me. Because, presumably, the person who’s doing it knows already. And it ain’t me!”

The point to be added here is that the official has not yet revealed anything regarding the cast here. If there will be anyone who will play the role of Doctor Who then it should be someone from the public’s choice.

On the other hand, since the officials are far away to reveal anything, we want you to wait for a while and get confirmation after everything gets clear.

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