Donald Mustard Net Worth 2022: Creative Director’s Wife, Age, Brother, and YouTube Channel!

Donald Mustard


Donald Mustard is a well-known figure in the game business, having worked as a producer and director on titles including Fortnite, Shadow Complex, and Infinity Blade. With his brother, Geremy, he is also the co-founder and creative director of CHAIR Entertainment, which Epic Games bought in 2008.

He’s a fascinating character, isn’t he? Then we’ll tell you about Donald Mustard’s biography, 2022 net worth, height, weight, relationship status with his child, and other personal information if you’re interested.

Childhood and Adolescence in Calgary, Alberta, Canada: Donald Mustard was born and reared in Calgary, Alberta, Canada. The public has not been aware of our efforts to learn more about his family. Mustard’s parents remain a mystery to this day. It’s also unclear if he has more family members than his mother and father. We’ll bring you the latest information as soon as it becomes available.

Donald Mustard is the chef in question. Mustard went to Brigham Young University and earned a degree in Digital Design from the School of Engineering and Technology in 2000. His work has earned him acclaim as a video game author, director, and filmmaker. Infinity, Infinity Blade II, and Infinity Blade III are all part of the Infinity Blade series.

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In the words of Donald Mustard, “It’s Description of Self:

Donald Mustard is how old?

Donald Mustard was born in August 1976, making him 44 years old in 2021.


In other words, Mustard is 5 ft 8 in and weighs around 65 pounds. Donald Mustard’s measurements, clothing, and shoe sizes will be revised shortly.

What is Donald’s address?

Mustard hasn’t revealed his exact address for privacy and security. The location and photographs of his home will be added to this page as soon as they become available.

What happened to Mustard?

Mustard is in good health and is now eating. To our knowledge, he has not seemed ill or had any health difficulties.

Children and Wife:

Yes, he has a wife and children. It was love at first sight when he married Laura Mustard.

In the words of Donald Mustard, “It’s Career:

Donald Mustard

In 2005, he co-founded Chair Entertainment with Geremy Mustard and Ryan Holmes in the United States. Donald Mustard and Geremy Mustard demonstrated the Infinity Blade III software at the 2013 Apple iPhone 5S conference. When President and Bad Robot cooperated on the new Spyjinx code for video games in 2015, Donald Mustard joined JJ Abrams. It was just a matter of time before Mustard rose to the position of Creative Global Director at Epic Games. Fortnite, Undertow, and Advent Rising are some of the games he has worked on.

Net Worth:

By 2022, Donald Mustard’s estimated net worth will be $10 million. This covers all he has, as well as his earnings and money. His job at Epic Games as a creative director is his primary source of income. Even though Mustard has amassed substantial wealth, it prefers to live a humble existence because of the many varied ways it makes money. The typical annual salary for Mustard is $50,000 to $200,000.

Also, Donald Mustard is active on several social media networks. On Instagram, he has 24.2 thousand followers. 839,3 K people follow him on Twitter. On YouTube, he has 1.37K followers.


Donald Mustard, a Canadian-born game designer and director was raised in Calgary, Alberta, in the United States. Besides being a co-founder of Chair Entertainment, he also serves as a creative director for the company. Mustard provides additional voices for the 2019 Star Wars: Episode IX, The Rise of Skywalker.

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