Dove Cameron Opens Up About ‘Dating a Couple of People Right Now’

Dove Cameron

Dove Cameron Latest News: The actress has talked out about her love life and sexuality since her divorce from long-term lover Thomas Doherty in 2020. “I’ve hinted about my sexuality for years while being afraid to shout it out for everyone,” the Disney actor told Gay Times in May 2021. “I went live on Instagram and said, ‘Guys, I needed to clarify something for you,'” she explained.

I’m not sure if I’ve mentioned it, but I’m a true queer. Because that is who I am and what I want to portray via my music.’ Dove stated that she opted to come out because she wanted to find herself. “I was nearing the end of a pretty big chapter in my life and trying to focus on myself,” the actress added. “When the relationship ended, I had a terrible time stepping back into my power and focusing on where I was.”

Dove Cameron

The vocalist was able to discover herself through music! In April 2021, she sparked dating speculations after showing off her PDA with a new companion in her music video “Lazy Baby.” Fans immediately assumed she was dating Alexander 23, a fellow musician.

Only one day after word broke that her ex-boyfriend had introduced his new love to fans, the blonde beauty shared a passionate kiss in her highly anticipated music video. Despite the fact that she has remained tight-lipped about her current relationship status, the Descendants star did invite Alexander to an Instagram Live before the video’s release.

“You might have a minor walk-on role,” she joked on the webcast. “To be honest, it’s kind of my big break,” he concluded. The former Liv and Maddie star has been in two high-profile relationships in the past.

What Dove Cameron Said about the News?

The most recent was with Thomas, her Descendants co-star, with whom she had a three-year relationship until breaking up in December of the same year.

“We know there have been some rumours and misconceptions recently about the state of our relationship, and we wanted to clear the air,” Dove stated on Instagram Stories at the time.

“In October, Thomas and I agreed to part ways. Even though the decision was difficult, we still love one other and will remain friends. Thank you for being so considerate of our right to privacy at this time.”

Before calling it quits, Dove and Thomas discussed marriage during an interview on Entertainment Tonight in November 2019. “I think if I’m going to marry anyone, it’ll be him,” she said at the time. When it comes to marriage, the former Disney actress came close to marrying her four-year ex Ryan McCartan.

They announced their split in 2016 and have moved on with their lives since then. Dove has had her fair share of long-term romances over the years, but in a July 2020 interview with Paper magazine, she discussed her “internal conflict between being a really independent person” and being a romantic. “By no means am I someone’s girlfriend by nature,” she continued.

In an interview with NYLON in April 2021, Dove Cameron disclosed facts about her dating life. “I’ve never gone on an actual date!” she exclaimed. “I’ve only dated two people, both of whom I met at work; however, tomorrow is my first real date, so I’ll let you know how it goes.”

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