The Fights Between Goku and Granolah in Dragon Ball Super Come To A Shocking End

Dragon Ball Super

Dragon Ball Super Updates: Goku chooses to face Granolah first in Dragon Ball Super Chapter 72. The Saiyan, on the other hand, quickly learned that the last of the Cerealians should not be trifled with, as he showed to be more than capable of going toe-to-toe with Goku.

Dragon Ball Super

Their battle comes to a devastating conclusion. During the initial bout, Goku finds himself evenly matched when he transforms into a Super Saiyan with Ultra instinct, and Granola remarks that he was having problems reaching a key area in Goku owing to his changes. Despite not being able to locate any important spots, Granola remained optimistic that he would soon uncover one.

As a result, they began fighting once more. Granola comes close to defeating Goku with a massive ki blast, but he manages to avoid it. This led him to Vegeta, who explains how the Saiyans and Freeza murdered the Cerealians, revealing the truth about Granolah’s origin.

Goku and Vegeta believe that they’ll have to fight Cerealian before he listens to reason now that they know the truth about his history.

Dragon Ball Super: Goku vs Granolah

Goku activates Perfect Ultra Instinct in exchange. The Saiyan appeared to be in command at first, but Vegeta soon saw that Cerealian’s might was not diminishing. This prompted him to investigate, and he discovered that Granolah, who had been battling Goku, had been a clone all along. While the real Granolah was conserving his strength in preparation for Freeza.

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Before Vegeta could tell Goku about the reality, Granolah struck one of Goku’s key points, knocking him unconscious and sending him flying across the world.

Granolah then approaches on his prostrate opponent, but Vegeta rises to the occasion to show that he is more powerful than his old foe. Granolah will face Vegeta, a trainee God of Destruction, in Dragon Ball Super Chapter 74 now that Goku is down.

Plus, Goku and Vegeta still have one Senzu Bean left.

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