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DrLupo is a renowned American YouTuber and Twitch streamer; his real name is Benjamin Lupo. He has an estimated net worth of $3 million; with a remarkable 3 million followers on Twitch, 1.75 million subscribers on YouTube, and 4.4 million followers on Instagram, DrLupo is doing incredibly well financially. His daily, monthly, and annual earnings are continually rising by obtaining more than 100,000 views every day from numerous sources. DrLupo will be reaching the 4 million milestones with his money.

DrLupo has a highly active online presence on both Twitch and YouTube. He is well-known for playing in battles linked to Fortnite: Battle Royale, Escape from Tarkov, Fall Guys, and Among Us. He partakes in some of the most thrilling bouts alone and sometimes with his pals. His following is continually catching up on his live matches and live commentary.

The public also recognizes him for his top-tier gameplay on Fortnite and PUBG. With more new game releases and enhancements, DrLupo is looking into them. In this method, he is acquiring more views and more subscribers.

DrLupo has been blissfully married to his wife Samantha since 2010, and they have a son named “Charlie.” He is also a team member of the group “GuardianCon,” associated with Destiny. They plan to generate money for the St. Jude’s Children’s Research Hospital. As of late, he is primarily into games like Fall Guys and Escapes from Tarkov.

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Personal Profile, Age, Height, Wife,

DrLupo was initially born Benjamin Lupo on March 20, 1987. This prominent Twitch broadcaster and YouTuber is a professional player for the game “Rogue.” Apart from his internet job, DrLupo is also an ardent charitable worker. He is noted for hosting countless charity streams as a streamer in his time for different causes. Benjamin began his career as a Destiny streamer, where he experienced a big following around 2014.

Then, he started heading to the space of battle royale using the H1Z1 method. Next, he began playing PUBG a lot, and ultimately Fortnite with its introduction in 2017.

His career took off when he started uploading Fortnite gaming videos to his YouTube account. He now owns the “Fortnite ATV Trick Point World Record” with 49,256,200 points.

The Ninja and Timthetatman streamer duo, of which Benjamin is a member, is another reason for Benjamin’s fame. For St. Jude’s Children’s Research Hospital, Benjamin set a goal of raising $1 million in 2018. For the benefit of cancer patients, it was created


DrLupo joined Twitch in 2013 while a student at the University of Texas. He had a lot of spare time, so he and his pals would play video games like Halo. To understand more about Diablo, he decided to join Twitch. At some point, though, he decided to stream for himself to keep an eye on the agricultural progress of his character while at work. On Twitch, he has more than 3 million fans and 23,000 followers.

On October 6, 2013, DrLupo joined YouTube. About 1.75 million people subscribe to his channel, and 119 million people watch it. Eight hundred ninety-seven videos have been uploaded to his channel, and each one generates more than 100 thousand views every day from viewers throughout the world. With over 16 million views, the most popular video on his YouTube channel is called “Fortnite—’Hi Ninja! Ft. My Son—April 2018 | DrLupo.” His movies feature gameplay from a variety of video games.


Who Makes DrLupo’s Other Income?

Twitch’s cheering function helps DrLupo earn more money. “Cheer1” costs just 1.4 cents, while the triangle bounces are generated by typing in “Cheer100” for $1.4. Fans may send cheers in any quantity they choose, based on their ability to provide. Cheer1000 is the maximum number of joys that may be given. Also, a $140 tip in the form of a broken red star. Fans on Twitch may also donate to him using Ethereum, PayPal, Bitcoin, Litecoin (and other cryptocurrencies).

Many of his followers frequently purchase items from his merchandise line, particularly the newest ones. Fans may also purchase merchandise from his retail line. DrLupo, an internet celebrity with a large following, receives a lot of money through corporate sponsorships. He also has access to a larger audience through his philanthropic work, which gives him more career options.

One of DrLupo’s Fun Facts

DrLupo reached his million subscribers milestone on September 19, 2020. The date of his 100 million views milestone was May 27, 2020. Since joining the YouTube community in 2011, he has collaborated with several other YouTubers, such as Ninja, ActionJaxon, and CDNThe3rd. He has also collaborated with other YouTubers such as TimTheTatman and SypherPK.

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