Duane Ollinger Net Worth 2022: The Owner of the Blind Frog Ranch’s Age, Height, Wikipedia, and Wife.

Duane Ollinger


Duane Ollinger, the landowner of the BILND FROG RANCH in eastern Utah, is trying to find out what the cursed ranch is hanging on to. As an American businessman and TV personality, Duane Ollinger is most known for his role in the hit show MYSTERY AT BLIND FROG RANCH. In total, he uncovered seven caverns beneath his land. Before that, he worked as an oil contractor, a high-risk job.

We’ve included some of Duane Ollinger’s wiki facts to get you started, including updates on his net worth and other personal information.

Wikipedia’s Biography

On July 26, 1957, Duane Ollinger was born in Texas, USA. This is where Duane’s story begins and ends: in the United States. He is an American citizen. Ollinger’s ethnicity is Caucasian. He graduated from high school with excellent grades. He earned a Bachelor’s degree from a public institution in the United States after graduating high school.

Sherry Ollinger is married to Duane Ollinger. We don’t know anything about Duane Ollinger’s family or upbringing. Talking about his children, Duane Ollinger’s son is Chad Ollinger, and a daughter named Haley Ollinger. Chad enjoys exploring new places, meeting new people, and spending time with his loved ones.

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Duane purchased the Blind Frog Ranch in Utah. Discovery states that he and his son started searching for buried wealth at his Blind Frog Ranch. After discovering a network of underground caves beneath his property in Utah, he sold his Amarila-based contracting firm and started a new business centered on gold mining. Tiger Aviation, a firm with which Duane served as a director, is one of three that he has been affiliated with.

Date of Birth

Duane Ollinger is 64 years old; he was born on July 26, 1957, in Texas, USA. His birthday is celebrated on July 26 every year by his closest friends and family. Sagittarius is his horoscope sign.

Sherry Ollinger, Duane Ollinger’s wife, will be 65 in 2022. March 30, 1958, was the date of her birth. March 30 is her birthday, and she celebrates it every year. Aries is her astrological sign. When it comes to Duane’s parents, he hasn’t revealed anything about them.

Height and weight

Duane Ollinger, a well-known American actor and member of the television series Blind frog cast, is a tall man with attractive physical characteristics. He is 5 feet 8 inches tall, which is a good height for someone of his age. He has a body mass index of around 69 kg. He is in good shape for his size and weight.

Duane Ollinger

Updates about Duane Ollinger and his wife, Sherry Ollinger.

Since they were young, Duane Ollinger and Sherry Ollinger have been married. As of 2022, they were still together. His wife, Sherry, graduated from Amarillo College in 1978 as a Registered Nurse and worked in both the hospital and the business world. On the other hand, she was born on March 30, 1958, which means she will be 65 in 2022.

Fire-ravaged the home of Duane and Sherry in 2017. Fortunately, no one was inside the house at the time of the incident. Duane still has a mutual admiration and regard for his companion. It appears that he and his girlfriend are in perfect harmony.

How Much Is Duane Ollinger’s Net worth 2022?

Between $3 million and $5 million is the estimated net worth of Duane Ollinger (Approx.). But what you might not know is that he only owned 66 percent of the Blind Frog Ranch then. In the beginning, he and other investors bought the ranch.

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