Encanto: Where To Stream Online? Is It On Netflix, Hulu, Disney or Prime?



The recent animation movie has been creating some buzz. Encanto is a musical fantasy film that has been produced by Walt Disney Animation Studios. It is quite a special moment for Disney as it is the 60th film of the studio. The movie has had a limited theatrical release only in the United States on November 24, 2021.

When will Encanto be available for international audiences, and where can you watch it is a common doubt. In this article, you will find all the necessary details about the release and updates about Encanto.

Plot Of The Movie

The story is about a family called the Madrigals who have gifted magical powers in them. They are living on the mountains of Columbia, and each child has some of the other power, including healing and strength. The one exception to this is Mirabel, who does not have any magical powers.

Madrigals are faced with a problem when the life around Encanto is in danger. Mirabel takes it on herself to save her people and family from this danger. How does she face the upcoming quests in her journey of finding peace is the movie all about.


Reception Of The Movie

The theatrical release of the movie could not gain much attention from the audience as they could not differentiate Encanto from Disney’s other movies, such as previously successful Coco. As the animation style and feel to it. However, after the movie was released, critics have written that Encanto gives a new cultural perspective and stands out with its own colors. The movie has generally gained favourable reviews.

The lack of hype for the movie was because of the weak marketing done by Disney. Rather than marketing it as any other Disney movie, if they had used Encanto’s real flavours to tell the audience what it is about, it would probably not have been a mess.

Production And People Involved

There are many acclaimed technicians working in this animated movie. The list of people includes Germaine Franco, who has composed the background score for the movie, Lin Manuel has songs of her in the movie. She had already worked with Disney on movies like Moana.

The voiceover for Mirabel is done by Stephanie Beatriz who is an actor in the television series Brooklyn Nine-Nine.

Noemi Flores plays the role of young Mirabel. Maria Botero is voicing for Abuela Alma Madrigal, John Leguizamo plays Bruno Madrigal, Mauro Castillo plays Felix Madrigal, Diane Guerrero plays Isabela Madrigal, Carolina Gaitan plays Pepa Madrigal, Adassa plays Dolores Madrigal and so on.

Release Date and Where To Watch

The animated movie will be released internationally on December 24, 2021. You can stream the movie on Disney+ the OTT platform by Disney itself.

It’s easy to find the movie online as most to all Disney movies are available to watch on Disney+. If you are in search of some family entertainment filled with happy sentiments, Encanto is the best to choose. Set to a journey with Mirabel as she solves the quest to save her family.

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